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Our Test Kitchen is full of culinary experts who have picked up plenty of handy tricks and techniques over the years. Check out our favorite cooking tips that’ll make cooking and baking at home easier than ever.

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Is It Really Safe to Eat Food That Has Freezer Burn?

You'll be surprised to learn what causes those icy crystals on frozen foods and how to prevent them.

Can You Use Olive Oil Instead of Vegetable Oil?

Looking to switch to olive oil? Here's how to know if you can use olive oil instead of vegetable oil...

Does Olive Oil Go Bad?

Does olive oil go bad? In short, yes.

What Causes a Pan to Warp—and How Do I Fix It?

Have a warped pan at home? It's easy to fix—and prevent the problem from happening again.

If You See Floating White Stuff in Olive Oil, This Is What It Means

It's not unusual to find white stuff in olive oil. It could be that the oil has gone bad—or simply...

10 Simple Store-Bought Sugar Cookie Mix Hacks

Your cookies will look (and taste!) like they're made from scratch with these sugar cookie mix hacks.

This Baking Hack Shows You How to Measure Honey the Easy Way

You can measure honey (and other sticky ingredients) without a mess. Here's the trick!

How to Make Your Refrigerator Smell Better with Vanilla Extract

You can banish that funky refrigerator aroma—here's how.

How to Use Bitters in More Than Just Cocktails

We talked to an expert to learn how to use bitters in more than just cocktails. Learn why you should...

How to Store Cauliflower the Right Way

If you want to make roasted cauliflower or cauliflower rice, it helps to know to store cauliflower to keep it...

Can You Leave a Turkey Out to Thaw Overnight?

Here's everything you need to know about how not to thaw your bird before Thanksgiving.

How to Fix Gravy

Need to know how to fix gravy when it's too thick? Too thin? Too lumpy or gloppy? No worries—here's what...

How to Thicken Gravy

What's the best thickener to use? How do you prevent those dreaded lumps? We'll show you how to thicken gravy...

5 Red Wine Vinegar Substitutes

Don't have what you need in the pantry? Find the right red wine vinegar substitute on our list below.

Heavy Cream vs. Whipping Cream: Which Should You Buy for Your Recipe?

Confused about which type of cream to buy? Learn about heavy cream vs whipping cream so your recipe turns out...

What Is the Difference Between Baking and Roasting?

Many people use the terms interchangeably, but is there actually a difference between baking and roasting?