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Learn how to put your favorite gear to work. We’ve got tips on how to make the most of your pressue cooker, Dutch oven, cast-iron skillet, air fryer and much more.

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I Made Air-Fryer Apple Pie Bombs and They Were Even Better Than They Sound

Craving apple pie but don't have the patience to make one? These apple pie bombs are for you!

Slow-Cooker Guinness Beef Stew

Make this traditional Irish stew in your slow cooker! Cooking low and slow creates very tender beef and a robust...

Best Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

Bacon and shrimp make a great team in this super-easy party appetizer. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Meet the Hybrid HexClad Wok, the Ultimate Cooking Companion for One-Pan Meals

The HexClad wok combines the best elements of cast iron, stainless steel and nonstick into a dynamo of a pan.

I Tested the Gorgeous Great Jones Dutch Oven, and Fully Expect It to Last a Lifetime

The Dutchess is undeniably gorgeous, but is this Great Jones Dutch oven more than a pretty face?

How to Make Crockpot Smothered Pork Chops

Simple smothered pork chops are the quintessential comfort food—and they're almost foolproof to make in the slow cooker.

Pressure-Cooker Italian Wedding Soup

I like to buy large bags of frozen meatballs to have on hand for quick-fix meals. Meatballs can be used...

Grandmothers Hot Deviled Dungeness Crab Dip

Every December when Dungeness Crab season opened off the coast of Oregon, my grandmother always made this hot dip. I...

Bread Dumplings

I remember enjoying these dumplings as a kid with roast pork or svickova, which is a Czech recipe for braised...

Drive-Thru Chili

I don't eat a lot of fast food but when I do I try to pick things that are fairly...

How to Make a Traditional Bakewell Tart

A Bakewell tart is an almond-and-jam-based pastry that's simple in looks but rich in flavor. Beginner bakers and professionals alike...

Beautiful by Drew Barrymore Cookware Set Review: Do These Pretty Pans Live Up to the Hype?

Is it worth buying a full set of Drew Barrymore Cookware? Let's put this set to the test.

How to Make Baked Pesto Salmon

Baked pesto salmon uses two ingredients and takes just 20 minutes to prepare. This delicious dish couldn't get any easier...

This Mini Waffle Maker Is Flying Off the Shelf at Costco

Surprise your family on the holidays with the cutest themed breakfast from this Costco mini waffle maker.

The HexClad Wok Is Our Favorite Amazon Prime Day Two Deal

The HexClad Wok outperforms competitors thanks to a futuristic, nonstick, hexagon- printed cooking surface—and it's 20% off for Prime Day.

Raspberry Ricotta Mug Cake

Who wouldn't want to dig in to a personal cake? Mug cakes are such a fun, casual treat, and you...

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Our Place Wonder Oven Review: The Easy-Bake Oven for Adults

With six different cooking methods baked-in, the Our Place Wonder Oven is like a better, more aesthetic Easy-Bake oven...

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It’s easy to customize your kitchen and streamline prep when you find the ideal KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

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