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Keep your vegetables tasting fresh-picked and your seafood tender with these healthy steaming recipes.

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Easter Lamb Cake

10 reviews

My grandmother started the tradition of making this molded Easter lamb cake when I was little. We continue to make it every Easter. The memory is so special that I keep the lamb mold in my kitchen next to my cookbooks as a decoration. Make sure to grease and flour the mold really well so that the cake does not stick. — Debra Waggoner, Grand Island, Nebraska

Grilled Pound Cake with Warm Amaretto Bananas

Banana, butter and caramel flavors go so well together already, and then you add a sweet almond liqueur, such as...

Sweet Raisin Tamales

3 reviews

I recreated this dessert tamale based on one Grandma made just for us kids.—Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Peach Cream Puffs

1 review

On a sizzling day, we crave something light, airy and cool. Nothing says summer like cream puffs stuffed with peaches...

Eve Pudding

1 review

Mom served this as our traditional Christmas Day dessert. My kids are puzzled as to why we don't eat this...

Cranberry Bog Bark

For a pretty holiday treat, I make this bark. It is a favorite holiday gift I give out to friends...

Almond-Cream Puff Ring

2 reviews

Although individual cream puffs are an awesome dessert, they require a lot of preparation time...and time is one thing I...

Individual Flans

2 reviews

I’m always on the lookout for desserts sized for two. This rich, comfy custard is smooth, easy and just right...

Chocolate-Frosted Eclairs

For an old-fashioned treat that two can even prepare together, try these pretty eclairs, created by our Test Kitchen. The...

Strawberry Popovers

these tender popovers "pop up" nicely in the oven and hold a delicate cream filling dotted with fresh chopped strawberries....

Grilled Apple Crisp

1 review

The first time I tasted this old-fashioned apple crisp, i couldn't believe it was made on the grill. Topped with...

Chocolate-Cheesecake Cream Puffs

I always get compliments from the chocolate lovers at my table when I serve these dainty puffs.

Steamed Chocolate Pudding

2 reviews

Warm and comforting, this special dessert from Mary Kelley of Minneapolis, Minnesota is timeless. You'll love its chocolaty goodness and...

Persimmon Pudding

1 review

When a group of ladies and I served this cake-like dessert for a church get-together, it was an instant hit....

Maple Bread Pudding

Simple to put together, this
comforting dessert has a
pleasant maple flavor and
aroma. My mouth is...

Christmas Pudding

I never let a Christmas pass without making this warm, satisfying dessert. The wonderful aroma as it bakes will fill...

Chewy Almond Nougat

5 reviews

We've been making this nougat recipe for years. It continues to be a tradition for when the kids and grandkids...

Hard Candy Peppermint Twists

1 review

It's fun to tuck a few of these twists onto a platter of Christmas cookies. The holidays in out home...

Traditional Eclairs

1 review

Over the years, family, friends, co-worker and students have enjoyed this tried-and-true desert. For birthdays, our sons prefer it over...

Apple Raisin Cream Pie

1 review

This is a super pie that my whole family likes, made from ingredients we usually have on hand—we keep one...

Steamed Cranberry Pudding with Vanilla Sauce

One Christmas, my husband—a Navy chaplain for 20 years—had to spend the holidays overseas, away from our two children and...

Steamed Bread Pudding

1 review

Whenever I visited my grandma, this was the special dessert she fixed for me.

Ozark Blue-Cranberry Pie

1 review

Here in the Missouri Ozarks, my daughter and I pick blueberries at a nearby Amish farm and freeze them for...

Pistachio Puffs

2 reviews

Our Home Economists added an Irish touch to these traditional dessert treats—with mouthwatering results! The old-fashioned pastry mixes up quickly...

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Baked Apples on the Grill

3 reviews

Sweet coconut provides the delicious difference in this fun grilled apples recipe. Our two children enjoy helping me stuff the...

French Vanilla Cream Puffs

2 reviews

French vanilla filling dotted with mini chocolate chips is sandwiched in puffy pastry for this elegantly sweet dessert. You could...

Red-Hot Apples

3 reviews

I use red-hot candies to turn ordinary apples into something cinnamony and sensational. The tender treats bake on the grill...

Graham Cream Puff

"For an exquisite treat, try these 'berry' special graham cracker puffs filled with raspberries and cream," recommends Iola Egle of...

Chocolate-Filled Cream Puffs

3 reviews

"This is a heavenly dessert for chocolate lovers," relates Kathy Kittell of Lenexa, Kansas. "Each puff is stuffed with chocolate...

Grilled Peaches ‘n’ Berries

16 reviews

With only five ingredients, this delightful dessert is so easy to prepare. Just halve peaches and sprinkle with fresh blueberries...