Steaming Recipes

Keep your vegetables tasting fresh-picked and your seafood tender with these healthy steaming recipes.

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Dill Green Beans

I love this healthful alternative to salty munchies like potato chips. The steamed beans are addictive and easy. —Allison Gray, Freeport, Maine

Grilled Green Beans

4 reviews

I cook almost everything outdoors, including green beans. I prepare this snappy side dish while the entree is cooking. The...

Herbed Veggie Mix-Up

7 reviews

A simple treatment of mixed herbs and seasonings brings out the best in this colorful medley of vegetables.—Marie Forte Raritan,...

Italian Green Beans and Mushrooms

1 review

Enhance your menu anytime using this flavorful recipe. Toasted almonds add crunch to the medley of green beans and mushrooms.

Fabulous Green Beans

19 reviews

My family loves this buttery sauce over green beans, whether they’re garden fresh or frozen. Another greeny option: Try sugar...

Herb-Buttered Green Beans

Dishes don't have to be elaborate in order to be delicious. Rosemary, basil, oregano and parsley season green beans for...

Garlic Green Bean Medley

4 reviews

“This is one of my favorite ways to cook green beans. Everyone loves it!” —Nancy Daugherty, Cortland, Ohio

Green Beans Provencale

9 reviews

Garlic, tomatoes and olive oil are wonderful ingredients often found in Southern French cooking. In this dish, they complement the...

Celebration Green Beans

5 reviews

“My husband loves green beans, and really likes this recipe. It's a nice change from a regular green bean casserole!”

Colorful Green Bean Medley

3 reviews

With its bright colors, this veggie side makes a pretty partner for all kinds of meat entrees.
Elke Rose...

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Ginger Salmon with Green Beans

2 reviews

I developed this flavor-packed dinner for a busy friend who wants to eat clean. —Nicole Stevens, Austin, Texas

Citrus Green Beans

2 reviews

The great citrus flavor in this side dish really perks up green beans. Try using lemon peel, or a combination...

Sesame Vegetables

When I go out to my garden in summer to "pick" dinner, my family knows I plan to fix this...

Green Beans with Tomato Sauce

As an alternative to green bean casserole, serve up a saucy Italian side dish sporting festive red and green colors....

Lemon Green Beans

Delicately seasoned with lemon and dill, these tender green beans from Kara Lee Helminak of South Milwaukee, Wisconsin taste fresh...

Green Bean Salad with Tomatoes

4 reviews

“I make this with fresh green beans from the garden. I could eat it all myself!” —Kathy Smith, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Garlic Green Bean Bundles

Joyce Turley of Slaughters, Kentucky shared a presentation for fresh green beans that is so pretty, it could serve as...

String Bean Salad

This vegetable dish was so popular at our condo potluck that our office staff distributed the recipe. The mix of...

Green Beans with Peppers

This festive-looking side dish is a snap to make for a holiday menus or an everyday meal. —Taste of Home...

Mushroom Green Beans

1 review

In Duluth, Georgia, Mary Buhl dresses up green beans and mushrooms in a snap. She sparks the fresh taste of...

Artichokes and Green Beans

1 review

This easy and elegant treatment for vegetables complements a variety of main courses. "Whenever I make it, someone always asks...

Red Pepper Bean Medley

“It’s nice to eat light now that spring is in the air,” notes Louise Watkins in Long Key, Florida. Her...

Green Bean Egg Salad

"I received this recipe from my mother-in-law, and it's a great alternative to potato salad," says Jane Gysbers of Blaine,...

Lemon-Pepper Green Beans

1 review

The perfect partner for a rich main course, these delicious green beans from our Test Kitchen bring a light and...

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Peachy Green Beans

1 review

Apricot preserves lend a sweet flavor to tender green beans, while cayenne pepper gives this side a slight kick. Lisa...

Honey Cashew Green Beans

3 reviews

Folks always comment how tasty this dish is with home-grown beans.

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Garlic Butter Green Beans

1 review

"One summer, when my parents had a huge crop of green beans from their garden, I created this recipe," Erika...

Green Beans with Roasted Grape Tomatoes

3 reviews

You’ll have a healthy red and green holiday with this full-flavored side dish. Bright, roasted tomatoes top crisp-tender beans with...

Easy Colorful Bean Salad

Green beans and roasted sweet red peppers make this an attractive side dish for Christmas. The mild blend of seasonings...

Asian Grilled Green Beans

9 reviews

You’ll love the great flavor and easy preparation of Trisha Kruse’s fresh side dish. The Eagle, Idaho cook tosses bright...