Steaming Recipes

Keep your vegetables tasting fresh-picked and your seafood tender with these healthy steaming recipes.

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    Roast Beets with Orange Gremolata and Goat Cheese

    My grandma always grew beets then pickled or canned them, but I prefer to prepare them differently. I like these roasted beets in the winter but they can be enjoyed all year with the addition of fresh herbs and tangy goat cheese. —Courtney Archibeque, Portland, Oregon

    Pork & Rice Meatballs

    My appetizer meatballs combine two of my favorite Asian dishes —Chinese pork dumplings and steamed chicken balls. —Elizabeth Dumont, Madison,...

    Sweet Potato Pot Stickers

    I added a Southern twist to pot stickers. The ginger-flavored sweet potatoes are a surprising filling, but are oh so...

    Caramelized Onion & Pork Pot Stickers

    My boyfriend and I enjoy making these yummy potstickers. You can use egg roll wrappers if you prefer, just cut...

    Fiesta Tamales

    1 review

    I love tamales, but I don't like spending days making them, so I've come up with a simple and delicious...

    Caprese Scallop Stacks

    2 reviews

    Scallops and zucchini put a creative and tasty twist on the traditional caprese recipe. The red and green colors make...

    Asian Chicken Dumplings

    To celebrate my two daughters' heritage, we occasionally make Chinese food, especially around traditional holidays like the Lunar New Year....

    Authentic Boston Brown Bread

    15 reviews

    The rustic, old-fashioned flavor of this hearty Boston brown bread is out of this world! —Sharon Delaney-Chronis, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    No-Knead Ciabatta

    Ciabatta means slipper in Italian and the loaf resembles a well-worn slipper. This artisan bread has a firm, crispy crust...

    Peach Cream Puffs

    1 review

    On a sizzling day, we crave something light, airy and cool. Nothing says summer like cream puffs stuffed with peaches...

    Asparagus and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

    1 review

    Crisp-tender asparagus is drizzled with lemon butter sauce and sprinkled with flavorful sun-dried tomatoes in this effortless, time-saving recipe.

    Eve Pudding

    1 review

    Mom served this as our traditional Christmas Day dessert. My kids are puzzled as to why we don't eat this...

    Holiday Creamed Spinach

    2 reviews

    My mother made a variety of spinach dishes when I was growing up. This rich, delicious creamed version is the...

    Spinach Pinwheel Rolls

    2 reviews

    I often serve these tasty morsels alongside a Greek salad at a ladies luncheon. Whether they're eaten warm or cold,...

    Barley Vegetable Salad

    I often serve this salad as an entree on summer nights when it's too hot to eat a heavy meal....

    Southern Barbecued Brisket

    1 review

    Ever since a former neighbor shared this recipe with me, it has been a family favorite. Since it makes a...

    Steamed Salmon Kabobs

    Guests will savor every bite of these tangy and colorful appetizer kabobs, from Kristen Strocchia of Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania. Make...

    Chipotle Sweet Potato and Spiced Apple Purees

    3 reviews

    I used to make this dish with lots of butter, brown sugar and cream. I slimmed it down and this...

    Vegetarian Lasagna Alfredo

    3 reviews

    A dry alfredo mix is what hurries along the preparation of this tasty pasta casserole. It's family-pleasing with lots of...


    Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish. The packets of corn dough have a savory or sweet filling and are typically...

    Chicken Pot Stickers

    4 reviews

    Chicken and mushrooms make up the filling in these pot stickers, a traditional Chinese dumpling. Greasing the steamer rack makes...

    Broccoli Chicken Supreme

    3 reviews

    This saucy, comforting casserole will draw compliments when it's served at your next potluck dinner. Try the Supreme Sauce with...

    Lemon Burst Broccoli

    2 reviews

    This lemon dressing is great on any vegetable, especially broccoli.

    Fast Marinated Vegetables

    I was know only as an average cook before I first made this lip-smacking salad!
    — Mrs. Earl Anderson,...

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    Dilly Vegetable Medley

    2 reviews

    “I love to eat what I grow, and I have tried many combinations of the fresh vegetables from my garden....

    Broccoli & Horseradish Sauce

    1 review

    This flavorful vegetable recipe is a family favorite. We usually serve it alongside prime rib for holidays and special occasions....

    Cheese Asparagus Roll-Ups

    1 review

    These appetizers are easy to assemble, appealing and colorful, with a touch of paprika on top. They bake up crispy...

    Crab-Stuffed Snow Peas

    1 review

    "These crunchy appetizers have a wonderful crabmeat flavor and make an attractive addition to your nibble tray. Plus, they're simple...

    French Vanilla Cream Puffs

    2 reviews

    French vanilla filling dotted with mini chocolate chips is sandwiched in puffy pastry for this elegantly sweet dessert. You could...

    Cheesy Vegetable Medley

    4 reviews

    Can't decide whether to cook vegetables or pasta for a side dish? Try combining them in this medley. It received...