Steaming Recipes

Keep your vegetables tasting fresh-picked and your seafood tender with these healthy steaming recipes.

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Tuscan Fish Packets

8 reviews

My husband does a lot of fishing, so I'm always looking for different ways to serve his catches. A professional chef was kind enough to share this recipe with me, and I played around with some different veggie combinations until I found the one my family liked best. —Kathy Morrow, Hubbard, Ohio

Pork & Rice Meatballs

My appetizer meatballs combine two of my favorite Asian dishes —Chinese pork dumplings and steamed chicken balls. —Elizabeth Dumont, Madison,...

Sweet Potato Pot Stickers

I added a Southern twist to pot stickers. The ginger-flavored sweet potatoes are a surprising filling, but are oh so...

Italian Green Beans and Mushrooms

1 review

Enhance your menu anytime using this flavorful recipe. Toasted almonds add crunch to the medley of green beans and mushrooms.

Halibut with Citrus-Olive Sauce

This poached halibut is one of my favorite fish entrees. The lovely sweet-and-salty sauce has incredible flavor, texture and color.

Caprese Scallop Stacks

2 reviews

Scallops and zucchini put a creative and tasty twist on the traditional caprese recipe. The red and green colors make...

Jarlsberg Popovers

When hosting holiday dinners, why not serve our cheesy popovers instead of ordinary dinner rolls?—Taste of Home Test Kitchen

No-Knead Ciabatta

Ciabatta means slipper in Italian and the loaf resembles a well-worn slipper. This artisan bread has a firm, crispy crust...

Baked Sweet Onions

2 reviews

Baking enhances the natural sweetness of my family's favorite Vidalia onions. Perfect alongside beef entrees, this side dish has a...

Grilled Greek Crostini Topping

1 review

“I got the idea for this quick and easy appetizer while on a vacation in Greece. It’s nice for summer...

Creamy Crab with Artichoke Dippers

—Shirley Hewitt, Milwaukie, Oregon

Shredded Italian Pork Sandwiches

—Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Vegetable Swiss Casserole

4 reviews

With four different vegetables, this creamy and comforting casserole has something for everyone. It's easy to double the recipe when...

Orange Pomegranate Salmon

2 reviews

A colorful, festive salmon dish makes an impressive addition to your holiday table—and it is as delicious as it is...

Chicken Pot Stickers

4 reviews

Chicken and mushrooms make up the filling in these pot stickers, a traditional Chinese dumpling. Greasing the steamer rack makes...

Cheese Asparagus Roll-Ups

1 review

These appetizers are easy to assemble, appealing and colorful, with a touch of paprika on top. They bake up crispy...

Holiday Appetizer Puffs

2 reviews

Good things come in little packages with these melt-in-your-mouth holiday appetizers. Besides crabmeat, I've used whipped cream or pudding...

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Stuffed Eggplant Dip

This dip is popular with family and friends, especially when we can feature our homegrown vegetables. Serving it in eggplant...

Asparagus with Horseradish Dip

2 reviews

This is a great hot weather party dip. Serve asparagus on a decorative platter with lemon wedges on the side...

Crab & Shrimp Stuffed Sole

5 reviews

The most casual cookout will seem elegant when it stars this delicate fish combined with seafood stuffing and a lemony...

Dad’s Famous Stuffies

3 reviews

The third of July is almost as important as July Fourth in my family. We make these stuffed clams on...

Healthy Steamed Dumplings

1 review

My family loves Chinese food, but it's hard to find healthy choices in restaurants or at the grocery store. So...

Party Puffs

4 reviews

For a substantial appetizer, you can't go wrong with mini sandwiches. Instead of serving egg or ham salad on ordinary...

No-Knead Harvest Bread

1 review

While the rising time is long, you'll spend just minutes mixing the ingredients for this incredible bread. This chewy, flavorful...

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Baked Spinach Dip Loaf

13 reviews

Any round loaf works as a serving bowl for this cream-cheesy dip, with spinach, cheddar, water chestnuts and, yes, bacon....

Rye Party Puffs

34 reviews

I can't go anywhere without taking along my puffs. They're pretty enough for a wedding reception yet hearty enough to...

Steamed Cranberry Pudding with Hard Sauce

Topped with a rich buttery sauce, this fruity molded pudding was an ideal end to our meal. The traditional dessert...

Steamed Turkey Dumplings

1 review

This is a great "lite" appetizer that tastes wonderful, but will not make you feel like you've eaten a meal....

Maple-Dijon Sprout Medley

Sweet maple syrup pairs perfectly with Dijon mustard in this party-perfect veggie dish. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

Lemon-Macadamia Brussels Sprouts

Even kids enjoy brussels sprouts when they're prepared like this! The subtle lemon flavor and crunchy macadamia nuts give the...