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Keep your kitchen and your head cool with no-cook recipes that come together super easily.

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    50 Incredibly Easy No-Bake Pies

    Wow everyone at your table with these no-fuss, no-bake pie recipes—no oven required! From creamy chocolate to lemony layers, the perfect ending to any fabulous meal is right here.

    Apple Matchstick Salad

    Cutting apples into matchstick-sized pieces makes them more fun to eat, don’t you think? Toss them with chopped pecans (or...

    Russian Dressing

    Russian dressing and Thousand Island are similar in that they are both creamy and salmon in color. However, Russian salad...

    No-Bake Chocolate Rice Krispie Bars

    These chocolate Rice Krispies treats are crowd pleasers! The secret to making them soft and chewy is bringing the sugar...

    Strawberry Overnight Oats

    These strawberry overnight oats will be ready and waiting for you in the morning. This PB&J-inspired breakfast is both gluten-free...

    Mean Green Smoothie Bowls

    This delicious bright green smoothie bowl recipe contains powerful antioxidants. Top with cucumber slices and fresh parsley sprigs for a...

    Vegan Chocolate Mousse

    My son is allergic to dairy and eggs, so I created this silky vegan chocolate mousse recipe that he could...

    Chocolate Date Energy Balls

    Eating just one of these healthy chocolate date energy balls satisfies my sweet tooth without added refined sugar. My recipe...

    Peppermint Milkshakes

    Rich ice cream and refreshing peppermint make this peppermint milkshake recipe a special treat, especially during the holidays. For a...


    Pacoca (Brazilian peanut candy) is an easy treat that has only five ingredients! It's a popular sweet in Brazil, and...

    Kale Caesar Salad

    I love Caesar salad recipes, so I created this kale Caesar salad. It's perfect paired with chicken or steak for...

    Birthday Cake Martini

    Celebrate your special day with this sweet and festive birthday cake martini. If it's too strong for your taste, add...

    Birthday Cake Shots

    These festive birthday cake shots are a fun way to get a party started. Use chocolate cake-flavored vodka and chocolate...

    30 No Cook Recipes for Fall

    The beginning of autumn can still be uncomfortably hot, so keep your kitchen cool with these no cook fall recipes.

    80 No-Cook Recipes You Can Make in Record Time

    These quick, easy, no-cook recipes are perfect for budding chefs. Find delicious ideas for main dishes, sides, appetizers, salads and...

    39 No-Cook Sides Perfect for Summer

    Check out these chill salads and sides that'll keep you and your kitchen cool.

    5-Ingredient No-Cook Suppers, Sides and Snacks for Summer Nights

    Don't bother turning on the oven or running to the store. These simple suppers, sides and snacks rely on no-cook...

    35 No-Cook Summer Lunches Perfect for Anyone Working from Home

    Even if the kitchen is a few steps away, some days are harder than others to throw a lunch together....

    The Best No-Cook Recipe from Every State

    Eat your way across the country—no cooking required!

    45 Healthy No-Cook Meals for Hot Nights

    While eating ice cream for dinner on a hot night may be tempting, treat yourself to one of these healthy...

    32 No-Cook Dinners Grandma Made in Her Summer Kitchen

    Enjoy those lazy days of summer with these cool, vintage recipes. We have old-fashioned ideas for salads, sandwiches and more.

    32 Low-Cal, No-Cook Recipes for Scorchingly Hot Days

    These healthy, no-cook meals are guaranteed to satisfy without heating up the house or putting a dent in your diet.

    70 No-Cook Appetizers to Keep Your Kitchen Cool

    The only big appliance you'll need for these cool and convenient no-cook appetizers is the fridge!

    A 7-Day Meal Plan of No-Cook Dinners

    Don't feel like cooking this week? That's okay. These no-cook dinners will help get you through the week when it's...

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    How to Make the Dreamiest No-Bake Key Lime Cream Pie

    Too hot to bake? That's no problem with this Key lime cream pie recipe. See how our Test Kitchen makes...

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    35 No-Bake Fruit Desserts That’ll Help You Keep Your Cool

    Make the best of your fresh summer produce with these no-bake fruit desserts. The best part is, they won't heat up...

    This No-Bake Oreo Dessert Is What Dreams Are Made Of

    It's quick, no-bake and OREO. No wonder people love this!

    How to Make No-Bake Cheesecake

    We've got you covered—every step of the way! Learn how to make this super easy cheesecake.