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Tenderize, season and prepare your meat with marinating recipes in a ton of different styles.

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Tropical Chicken Cauliflower Rice Bowls

5 reviews

This tropical favorite is a delicious and healthy dinner with tons of flavor! You can substitute regular rice for the cauliflower rice if desired. —Bethany DiCarlo, Harleysville, Pennsylvania

Banh Mi Burger

I love burgers cooked in a cast-iron pan, and banh mi sandwiches are delicious, so why not combine the two?...

Baked Teriyaki Pork & Veggies

3 reviews

Minimal preparation makes this dish easy. I use precut broccoli and boneless, trimmed pork chops to save time. Sometimes I...

Refreshing Grilled Chicken Salad

5 reviews

“This recipe is light, zippy and flavorful. It's a nice healthy salad that's great for a luncheon with friends.” And...

Chicken Poppy Seed Salad

7 reviews

Juicy berries, crisp sugar snap peas and crunchy pecans complement the lime-marinated chicken in this pretty salad. The homemade sweet-sour...

Curried Peanut Chicken

2 reviews

"This is a nice change from traditional grilled items," says Jennifer Myers. The Havertown, Pennsylvania reader sprinkles coconut and currants...

Coffee Marinated Steak

2 reviews

My dad-a big steak lover—got this recipe form a friend, and now we never eat steak without using this marinade....

Orient Express Chicken Salad

4 reviews

This always-popular salad makes use of lots of convenience items, but it’s still healthy and nutritious. I created it one...

Tangy Chicken Sandwiches

2 reviews

“I love grilling chicken because it's a healthier choice,” shares Joe Slate from Port St. Joe, Florida. “I put my...

Marinated Chicken Sandwiches

2 reviews

Every bite of this grilled chicken is packed with flavor. The sweet brown sugar combines well with zesty mustard and...

Sesame Beef Tenderloin

1 review

"A sesame seed and honey glaze makes this roast elegant," says Sara Dakin from Longmont, Colorado.

Marinated Tenderloin and Avocado on Baguette Toasts

There’s never any waste with tenderloin (and leftovers are rare). You can really dress it up by substituting baguette toppings...

Cashew Chicken for Four

7 reviews

Says Linda Avila of Toone, Tennessee: “Whenever my friends and I get together for a potluck, they always ask me...

Mango Barbecued Jerk Chicken Thighs

5 reviews

“I like my food bursting with flavor, so I love to experiment with all different ethnic recipes. Sweet, tangy barbecue...

Grilled Asian Beef Ribbons

A fellow nurse who also happens to be a fabulous cook shared this recipe with me. We like it served...

Barley Risotto and Beef Stroganoff

1 review

I miss my Russian grandma's barley porridge and beef Stroganoff, so I combined the two dishes. Cook the barley using...

Marinated Green Beans

For many years, I made this dish with asparagus. At Thanksgiving, green beans were all I had, so I used...

Sesame Shrimp

2 reviews

My husband tells me this quick recipe looks elegant and tastes awesome!

Sesame Chicken Breasts

3 reviews

I triple this recipe when chicken is on sale, freeze it with the marinade in resealable bags. The night before...

Sesame Pork Tenderloin

4 reviews

"Pork tenderloin gets dressed up for company in this easy-to-fix yet special main dish," writes Sue Mackey from Galesburg, Illinois....

Baked Sesame Pork Tenderloin

1 review

This easy roasted pork appetizer comes from Shirley Kula of San Diego, California. The ginger, soy sauce and sesame...

Coconut Shrimp with Dipping Sauce

6 reviews

With crispy coconut-cilantro breading and a sweet apricot sauce, these delicious shrimp, created by our Test Kitchen, would be great...

Asian Steak Wraps

2 reviews

The zesty marinade with a splash of fresh lime juice makes these slightly sesame-flavored wraps a treat. To speed prep...

Chicken and Asparagus Kabobs

17 reviews

These Asian-flavored kabobs, served with a tasty dipping sauce, are special enough to make for guests at your next backyard...

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French Toast with Spiced Butter

1 review

My whole family arrives early on Christmas morning-all of them looking for this delicious French toast with its cinnamon and...

Salad with Grilled Chicken

2 reviews

“I feel like I am serving fine restaurant-quality food with this dish,” writes Dianna Wissinger of Lawrenceburg, Indiana. “Every single...

Sesame Sirloin Steak

2 reviews

The first time I tried this recipe was years ago when we were going to my in-laws for a Mother's...

Flank Steak Spinach Salad

Moist marinated steak, wild rice, almonds and veggies blend together nicely in this colorful main-dish salad. Years ago, a friend...

Mushroom Steak Hoagies

1 review

My Aunt Diane perfected the recipe for these hearty hoagies. We often double or triple it for family gatherings since...

Asian Asparagus Salad

6 reviews

A delightful change of pace from hot vegetable side dishes, this lovely asparagus salad gets an Asian twist with a...