Marinating Recipes

Tenderize, season and prepare your meat with marinating recipes in a ton of different styles.

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Autumn Pork Tenderloin

8 reviews

Sized right for two, this rustic and comforting entree is treated to a combination of apples, raisins and nuts. "The fruited sauce adds great flavor," says Tiffany Anderson-Taylor of Gulfport, Florida. "I serve this often, and when I double it for guests, it's often greeted with cheers."

Brats in Beer

8 reviews

This marinated bratwurst recipe comes from Jill Hazelton of Hamlet, Indiana. The flavor of the marinade really comes through in...

Slow-Cooked Beef

2 reviews

Crushed gingersnaps, lemon and vinegar give the marinated slow-cooked beef and gravy their appetizing sweet-sour flavor. —Susan Garoutte, Georgetown, Texas

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Easy Sauerbraten

7 reviews

This easy sauerbraten recipe is a tasty example of traditional German fare. Its definitive pickled tang is pleasing and sure...

Flavorful Lamb Chops

These aren't your ordinary lamb chops. I flavor them with juice squeezed from oranges and limes we grow ourselves plus...

Petite Pork Roast

"This roast is truly delicious," says Rita Applegate of La Mesa, California. "The mustard sauce complements the pork nicely."

Spice-Brined Pork Roast

1 review

This brined and barbecued pork roast is unbelievable moist. Adding seasonings to the coals produces an awesome aroma that draws...

Polynesian Sausage Kabobs

1 review

Here's a meal on a skewer with a unique twist. The pineapple, cantaloupe and peppers complement the sausage perfectly. I...

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

2 reviews

I combined part of one recipe and another to come up with this extra-special roast.—Dale Ann Glover, Strathroy, Ontario

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

3 reviews

These taste-tempting slices of pork tenderloin are marinated overnight, then filled with a flavorful apple stuffing. For a simple side...

Sauerbraten Stew

1 review

"With this original recipe, I was one of 10 finalists at an Ohio Beef Council Beef Cook-Off," notes Margaret Ashcraft...

Beef Tenderloin with Roasted Vegetables

3 reviews

I appreciate this recipe because it includes a side dish of roasted potatoes, brussels sprouts and carrots, giving me one...

Grilled Rosemary Pork Roast

1 review

When the family's coming or we're expecting guests for dinner, I often serve this flavorful grilled pork roast—and it's always...

Old-Country Sauerbraten

2 reviews

This recipe has been a well-guarded secret in my family for generations but I have decided to share it because...


2 reviews

My husband is an avid hunter. Almost 55 years ago, his aunt gave us this hasenpfeffer recipe. The tender, flavorful...

Bourbon Brat Skewers

8 reviews

When the executive decision was made to marinate veggies in a tasty bourbon sauce and serve with grilled bratwurst, this...