Freezing Recipes

Make it once, enjoy it twice with frozen recipes that taste just as good the second time around.

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      Freeze-A-Rita Margarita Pops Will Be the Only Way to Stay Cool This Summer

      There will be Lime-A-Rita and Straw-Ber-Rita flavors!

      8 Things in Your Freezer You Should Toss Out

      Need to make some room in the freezer? When in doubt, throw it out.

      Can You Freeze Tortillas? Yes, Here’s How.

      It turns out tortillas might be one of the most freezer-friendly staples out there.

      9 Products That Make Organizing Your Freezer a Breeze

      Give your freezer a much-needed clean up with these genius organization products. You'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

      Sloppy Joe Meatball Subs

      1 review

      A mashup of two favorite recipes, these sloppy joe meatball subs are certainly unique. I love to make them on...

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      Can You Freeze Milk? Yes, and Here’s How.

      Don't waste another drop of dairy. We'll walk you through our best tips for how to freeze milk.

      30 Healthy Freezer Meals You’ll Love

      What meals can I make to freeze? We have tons of healthy (and delicious!) options. Check out casseroles, meatballs, soups...

      How to Use a Freezer Thermometer to Monitor Your Freezer Temperature

      Keep your frozen chicken, vegetables and meals safe with this small purchase.

      How to Freeze Yeast Dough

      Good news, bakers: You can prep and freeze yeast dough before baking it. We'll walk you through two ways to...

      Sorbet Trio

      This easy sorbet recipe is a refreshing way to cool down and use a few ingredients from the garden—with no...

      PB&J Bites

      These PB&J bites are fun to make and fun to eat! For a change of pace, replace the jam with...

      Air-Fryer French Toast Sticks

      Learn how to make air-fryer French toast sticks with this quick and easy recipe. I like to have them handy...

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      65 Crock-Pot Freezer Meals

      These Crock-Pot freezer meals will ensure your dinners taste great. Simply meal prep now, freeze and reheat later.

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      150 Easy Freezer Meal Recipes

      Whether it's busy weeknights or lazy weekends, easy freezer meals are perfect for any day. Our collection of recipes makes...

      Cinnamon-Basil Ice Cream

      I started experimenting with herbal ice creams when I was teaching classes at our local college. Not only were the...

      Strawberry Pretzel Pie

      10 reviews

      This cool no-bake strawberry pretzel pie is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer. Made with pantry...

      Grand Marnier Frozen Souffles

      This delicious frozen souffle is perfect for summer and will impress just about anyone. It's a great make-ahead dessert! —Andrea...

      Margarita Floats

      2 reviews

      On a hot afternoon, what could be better than a cold margarita float? The addition of creamy ice cream really...


      I grew up near Little India in California, and I loved the desserts from Indian sweets shops. One of them...

      Coconut-Lemon Ice Cream Cake

      1 review

      This lemon ice cream cake is a cool treat my family loves anytime, but we find it especially refreshing on...

      London Fog Ice Cream

      2 reviews

      I took one of my favorite coffee shop beverages and turned it into this elegant London fog ice cream. For...

      How to Freeze Lasagna the Right Way

      Learn how to freeze lasagna so it reheats just as good as when it's freshly baked.

      Can You Freeze Cookie Dough?

      We know you can freeze cookies, but can you freeze cookie dough? The answer is yes!

      Rhubarb Crumble Ice Cream

      2 reviews

      This rhubarb crumble ice cream combines two of my favorite desserts into one fantastic creation! If you close your eyes,...

      Your Guide to Freezing Spaghetti Sauce

      Whether you're saving leftovers or making it ahead, this is everything you need to know about freezing spaghetti sauce.

      Essential Tips for Freezing Steak Without Losing Quality

      Want to stash a steak in the freezer? Here's how you should be freezing your steak.

      Tebow’s Special Ice Cream Pie

      12 reviews

      You'll want to thank Tim Tebow's mom, Pam Tebow, for sharing this special family dessert recipe: Peanut butter ice cream...