Red Potatoes Recipes

Craving recipes with red potatoes? Try all types: boiled, fried, roasted and even some healthy options. They’re all just as delicious as the next!

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Potato ‘N’ Pea Salad

A nicely seasoned dressing made with sour cream and yogurt coats tender potatoes, green peas and sweet red pepper in this chilled salad. It's sure to be popular at a potluck or picnic. —Test Kitchen

Creamed Potatoes & Peas

6 reviews

"Early in June, we helped Mom pick the first green sweet peas of the season. Mom combined them with potatos...

Sugar Snap Potato Salad

The Okay family is proud to use their harvest for meals, Gerri shares her delightful recipe for Sugar Snap Potato...

Herbed Potatoes N Peas

This side dish makes a winner out of any meal. Red potatoes and green peas add color to the table,...

Creamy Potatoes ‘n’ Peas

2 reviews

This recipe has great eye as well as stomach appeal. I like to serve it in a pretty glass bowl.

Creamed Garden Potatoes and Peas

28 reviews

New potatoes and peas are treated to a creamy sauce for this special side. —Jane Uphoff, Cunningham, Kansas