Green Peppers Recipes

These recipes with green peppers add a dash of color (and tons of flavor!) to your dinner. With both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for popular dishes such as stuffed peppers, there’s room for everyone at the table.

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Air-Fryer Hash Browns

These air-fryer hash browns are one of my go-to sides. They come together quickly, and the air fryer gets them nice and crispy in no time. If you'd like, try topping them with a sprinkling of shredded pepper jack cheese. —Cindi Boger, Ardmore, Alabama

Vegetarian Chili

With the abundance of beans, vegetables and flavor in this spicy chili, you'll never miss the meat! My family has...

Vegetarian Bean and Rice Chili

This recipe teams with hearty kidney and pinto beans and a variety of colorful vegetables for a deliciously healthy meatless...