Artichoke Hearts Recipes

Looking for artichoke hearts? Get artichoke heart recipes including artichoke heart salad, pasta with artichoke hearts, marinated artichoke hearts and more artichoke heart recipes.

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Greek Potato Casserole

2 reviews

The crunchy golden brown topping and tangy yogurt and feta make this recipe a winner. You can loosen the mixture with a few tablespoons of milk if necessary. —Cheryl Woodson, Liberty, Missouri

Tortellini Salad with Artichokes & Sweet Peppers

1 review

I’ve been making this for almost 10 years, and someone asks me for the recipe every time I bring it...

Broiled Tomatoes with Artichokes

2 reviews

Prepared ratatouille also makes a nice filling for tomatoes.

Artichokes and Green Beans

1 review

This easy and elegant treatment for vegetables complements a variety of main courses. "Whenever I make it, someone always asks...

Four-Vegetable Bake

"Several members of my family enjoy meatless dishes, and I'm partial to casseroles, so this tasty dish pleases everyone," relates...

Artichoke-Stuffed Portobellos

1 review

For a tasty change of pace, try these moist and tangy portobello mushrooms from Robert Beck of Springfield, New Jersey....

Artichoke Stuffing

9 reviews

This recipe is so good with turkey! I also halve the recipe and use it when I bake a chicken....

Artichoke Spinach Casserole

4 reviews

Although he isn't a fan of spinach, my husband loves this dish. The combination of ingredients may sound unusual, but...

Veggie-Stuffed Potatoes

1 review

Marinated artichoke hearts are an unusual addition to these impressive packed potatoes from Jennifer Andrzejewski of Grizzly Flats, California. Bacon,...

Artichoke Orzo Pilaf

2 reviews

Canned artichoke hearts bring a tangy taste to tangy orzo pasta in this side dish. "This saute is quick and...

Zesty Broccoli and Artichokes

1 review

We grow a lot of broccoli in our garden, so I've experimented with different ways to prepare it. It tastes...

Artichokes Au Gratin

4 reviews

This makes a great side dish for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any dinner. My niece served this at a family gathering...

Spinach Artichoke Pie

Spinach is an abundant vegetable grown here in our state. I make this side dish often when spinach is in...

Roasted Potatoes and Artichokes

2 reviews

Potato wedges and artichoke hearts are roasted to perfection in this hearty recipe from Mary Relyea of Canastota, New York....

Broccoli Artichoke Casserole

3 reviews

A creamy mellow sauce draped over bold-tasting broccoli and artichokes makes this a great addition to any meal.

Garlic and Artichoke Roasted Potatoes

2 reviews

I like to put this side into the oven to roast with the main dish. The artichokes give it a...

Artichoke Caprese Platter

4 reviews

I dressed up the classic Italian trio of mozzarella, tomatoes and basil with marinated artichokes. It looks so yummy on...

Tomato-Artichoke Side Dish

At the heart of this recipe is plenty of flavor, according to Valree Augustine of Pisgah Forest, North Carolina. "The...

Makeover Spinach and Artichoke Casserole

5 reviews

Spinach never tasted better than in this creamy, colorful dish that's now even healthier and more delicious! —Judy Armstrong, Prairieville,...

Artichoke & Green Bean Penne

2 reviews

This pretty side dish goes well with just about any main course…and it even makes a fantastic meatless entree! Featuring...

Marinated Mushrooms & Artichokes

I marinate mushrooms and artichokes in fresh tarragon, thyme and seasonings so they turn out tart, tangy and irresistible. —Marcia...

Italian Artichoke-Green Bean Casserole

1 review

My mother and I made a few small changes to a recipe we found in a cookbook to create this...