Rice Recipes

Keep a bag of rice on hand, and you’ll be able to make dozens of recipes with rice in a pinch. You’ll never be bored with our interesting rice recipes!

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      How to Cook Wild Rice

      Want to add protein, fiber and flavor to your meals? Learn how to cook wild rice—the healthy grain you haven't been using enough.

      What Is Sticky Rice?

      What is sticky rice, and can you make it with any variety of white rice?

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      35 Recipes That Start with Cauliflower Rice

      Top your cauliflower rice with something amazing tonight. From basic beef and broccoli to spicy gumbo, these recipes will have...

      Can You Freeze Cooked Rice? Yes, and Here’s How.

      Before you get out your freezer-safe containers, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind.

      Rose Water Rice Pudding

      Rose water rice pudding is a popular Middle Eastern treat. Pomegranate seeds and chopped pistachios add a simple yet elegant...

      Autumn Lamb Skillet

      I have found that even those who do not prefer lamb will enjoy this recipe. It is especially delicious on...

      Madras Curried Eggs with Rice

      3 reviews

      Whoever said that gourmet foods take ages to prepare did not know about this traditional Indian curried eggs dish, which...

      Quick and Easy Chicken Poke Bowl

      4 reviews

      This chicken poke bowl is a great alternative when sushi-grade fish isn't in the budget. I love it because it's...

      Perfect Sushi Rice

      There's a lot more you can do with sushi rice besides making homemade sushi. Use it to create...

      Mango Chicken Thighs with Basil-Coconut Sauce

      1 review

      This recipe brings the restaurant to my home kitchen. And it’s easy, too! The meal comes together quickly and fills...

      Hot Chicken Salad Pies

      1 review

      These hot chicken salad pies come together in a snap! They're perfect for when you have leftovers on hand and...

      Pressure-Cooker Chipotle Porcupine Meatballs

      My family loves porcupine meatballs. We have been eating this retro dish for years—I just updated it with a little...

      Hawaiian Fried Rice

      1 review

      Growing up in the South Pacific, rice was the mainstay of our diet. When my husband and I moved stateside,...

      Dutch Oven Red Beans and Rice

      13 reviews

      This Dutch oven red beans and rice recipe is a great one-pot meal. It's one of my husband's favorites and...

      Mushroom & Spinach Risotto

      I had never tried mushroom spinach risotto until a trip to Paris a few years ago. Since then, I worked...

      Slow-Cooker Homemade Chicken and Rice Soup

      Using the slow cooker takes some of the effort out of making from-scratch meals. The long cook time helps develop...

      Lobster Bisque

      My grandmother would make lobster bisque all the time, so it's always been a comforting recipe to me. If you...

      Pressure-Cooker Jambalaya Risotto

      1 review

      I love making this pressure-cooker jambalaya, especially when entertaining. The risotto makes it creamy and delicious. —Janice Elder, Charlotte, North...

      What to Make with the Most Popular Types of Rice

      We've carefully handpicked over 160 recipes that use 6 different types of rice. Here's how to make each warm and...

      32 White Rice Dishes You’ll Love

      Take a spin on this classic household staple. Let these globally-inspired white rice dishes switch up your weekly menu.

      Our Best Chicken and Rice Soup Recipes

      Cozy up with one of these satisfying soups. We have recipes for chicken and wild rice soup, gumbo, chowder and...

      18 Ways to Use Arborio Rice

      Turn arborio rice into amazing risotto.

      17 Ways to Use Jasmine Rice

      These jasmine rice recipes are light, slightly sweet and good to eat.

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      17 Creamy Risotto Recipes

      These creamy risotto recipes are restaurant-worthy—and you can make them at home!

      12 Flavorful Ways to Serve Basmati Rice

      These globally inspired basmati rice dishes will be a welcome addition to your dinner table. Try favorites like tikka masala,...

      25 Ways to Use Wild Rice

      Looking for a flavorful, nutrient-packed wild rice recipe? Look no further!

      15 Smoky Andouille Sausage Recipes

      You don't need to go to The Big Easy to enjoy these Cajun-inspired andouille sausage recipes.

      Roast Lemon Butter Shrimp

      6 reviews

      This baked shrimp is a quick and easy weeknight meal that has lots of fantastic flavor! —Anne Ormond, Dover, New...

      Top 10 Recipes for Rice and Beans

      Save money, beat the clock and savor comforting goodness when you serve these hearty rice and beans recipes. They're our...