Linguini Recipes

Every home cook should keep pasta on hand for linguini recipes. We have authentic Italian linguini recipes that feature a mix of vegetarian and seafood options.

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Colorful Linguine Salad

"For a long time, my family has been trying to cut down on high-fat foods," relates Lee Ann Berijan of Blaine, Minnesota. "I've tried to use my creativity and my family's love of pasta to provide tasty meals. This light satisfying dish is great after a day in the summer sun."

Cold Sesame Noodles

Even my kids can’t resist this unique salad with a peanut butter dressing. To make it a main dish, stir...

Shrimp Linguine Salad

"A variation of this recipe was originally served as a side dish at a popular French restaurant," says Eileen Herr...

Asian Linguine Salad

With loads of vegetables and a delicious lemon-sesame oil dressing, this low-fat pasta toss offers guilt-free enjoyment. “The original recipe...