Linguini Recipes

Every home cook should keep pasta on hand for linguini recipes. We have authentic Italian linguini recipes that feature a mix of vegetarian and seafood options.

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BLT Skillet Supper

Chunks of bacon and tomato adorn this weeknight meal that is a pasta lover’s take on the beloved BLT. (The L stands for linguine!) —Edrie O'Brien, Denver, Colorado

Linguine with Marinated Tomato and Basil

Tired of pasta weighted down by sauce? Opt for Linda Nichols' nutritious toss-up of marinated tomatoes, linguine and cheese. "This...

BLT Skillet

This quick weeknight meal reminds me of a BLT, with its chunks of bacon and tomato. The whole wheat linguine...

Lobster alla Diavola

I’ve cooked lobster alla diavola (devil’s style) since I was first married. We serve lobster at family celebrations, usually with...