Turkey Tenderloin Recipes

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Cranberry Turkey Cutlets

"When our son-in-law brought home some wild turkey, we turned to this recipe," recalls Marguerite Shaeffer of Sewell, New Jersey. "He took care of the grilling while I made the sauce, and we all enjoyed this healthy entree."

Swiss Turkey Tenderloin Strips

Turkey strips nestled in an easy-to-make cheese sauce make a delicious weeknight dinner.

Dijon Turkey Stroganoff

Turkey medallions with a Dijon cream sauce are a nice change of pace from beef Stroganoff.

Turkey Pear Skillet

Turkey breast slices or chicken breasts--cut into thin strips--can be substituted for tenderloin strips.

Turkey Stir-Fry with Cabbage

Cabbage makes a crunchy alternative to rice in this delicious stir-fry laced with a sweet-savory sauce and packed with flavor....

Zesty Turkey Spaghetti Sauce

My sauce is good for you because it calls for lean cubed turkey instead of meatballs. For extra flavor, I...

Turkey Gyros

Greek seasoning, feta cheese and dill-cucumber sauce give this gyro an authentic taste. It was my family's introduction to how...

Tasty Turkey Skillet

I like using boxed rice and pasta mixes to jump-start quick meals. This colorful dish is simple to cook on...

Turkey Dumpling Stew

My mom made this stew when I was young, and it was always a hit. Since it's not time-consuming to...

Turkey Marsala

This Marsala sauce for turkey is really rich, like you fussed all day in the kitchen. Here’s the shocker: We...