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Looking for pork chop recipes? Find pork chops including baked pork chops, stuffed pork chops, breaded pork chops, fried pork chops, and more pork chop recipes.

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Slow-Cooker Chipotle Pork Chops

3 reviews

I love the tender texture of pork chops made in the slow cooker! The flavor of this sauce is similar to barbecue, but with a little extra kick. The crispy onions on top add an extra, delectable crunch. —Elisabeth Larsen, Pleasant Grove, Utah

Slow-Cooker Bourbon Pork Chops

2 reviews

My dad created a baked version of this recipe years ago. Delicious as it was, when I updated his recipe,...

Slow-Cooked Pork Chops & Scalloped Potatoes

21 reviews

Here’s a meal that feels homey and Sunday-special. When my sister gave me this recipe, it was for a casserole...

Buttermilk-Mushroom Pork Chops

5 reviews

I went through several variations before creating the pork chops my family considers perfect! I wanted something rich, delicious and...

Sweet Onion & Cherry Pork Chops

2 reviews

When I want to jump-start supper, I opt for these tender pork chops. The sweet and savory cherry sauce makes...

Old-Fashioned Pork Chops

3 reviews

—Loy Acerra Crane, Jackson, Tennessee

Slow Cooker Pork Chop Supper

2 reviews

You'll love the succulent taste of this slow-cooked meal shared by Pamela Shank of Parkersburg, West Virginia. A tangy kick...

Country Pork Chop Supper

4 reviews

It doesn't get much easier than this quick and hearty all-in-one slow cooker meal. And it doesn't get much tastier,...

BBQ Pork & Peppers

10 reviews

This was the first recipe I ever made in a slow cooker, and it was the first recipe my husband...

Fruited Pork Chops

6 reviews

Here's one of my favorite slow-cooker recipes. I often prepare these tender chops with pineapple sauce for guests and serve...

Spaghetti Pork Chops

4 reviews

This succulent pork supper was sent in by Ellen Gallavan, Midland, Michigan. The moist chops simmer to perfection in a...

Homemade Italian Pork Chops

5 reviews

Tomato sauce seasoned with oregano, basil and garlic gives Italian flavor to tender chops. "This is one of the few...

Italian Pork Chop Dinner

2 reviews

"My family loves this meal after church services," writes Martina Williams from Grovetown, Georgia. "I serve it with spaghetti, salad...

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Pork Chop Potato Dinner

21 reviews

Tender chops cook on a bed of creamy potatoes in this all-in-one meal. It's a snap to assemble, thanks to...

Pork Chops with Fruit

1 review

“This recipe came from a good friend, and it’s been a big hit whenever I’ve served it,” Marian Platt relates...

Pork Chops with Sauerkraut

7 reviews

In Omaha, Nebraska, Stephanie Miller pairs tender pork chops with tangy sauerkraut in this filling main dish. "It' so quick...

Tender Pork Chops

4 reviews

Not only is it easy to use my slow cooker, the results are fabulous. Meat cooked this way always comes...

Simple Tender Pork Chops

11 reviews

“My family has enjoyed these simple pork chops for years,” writes Patricia Dick from her home in Anderson, Indiana. “They...

Simple Pork Chop Dinner

26 reviews

Canned soup creates a comforting gravy for tender pork and potatoes in this simple meal-in-one from Mike Avery of Battle...

Slow-Cooker Saucy Pork Chops

22 reviews

"I serve these tender chops a couple of times a month because we just love them," writes Sharon Polk of...

Fruity Pork Chops

In Sylva, North Carolina, Bonnie Baumgardner simmers pork chops in fruit juice seasoned with orange peel, mustard and red wine...

Slow-Cooked Cherry Pork Chops

9 reviews

I mixed and matched several recipes to come up with this one. I'm always happy to adapt recipes for my...

Barbecued Pork Chop Supper

33 reviews

I start these slow cooker BBQ pork chops in the morning and enjoy a tasty supper later with no last-minute...

Pork and Sauerkraut With Potatoes

1 review

This is a wintertime favorite in our home. The down-home flavors of pork and sauerkraut are complemented by potatoes and...

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Pork Chop Dinner

6 reviews

Family and friends like to call me the slow-cooker queen. Of my many slow-cooked specialties, this is my husband's favorite....

Golden Peach Pork Chops

3 reviews

Peach halves add a hint of sweetness to pork chops in this time-tested favorite from Adele Durocher of Newport Beach,...

Pork Chops and Beans

3 reviews

This hearty combination of tender pork chops and two kinds of beans makes a satisfying supper from the slow cooker...

Cranberry Pork & Sweet Potatoes

7 reviews

Serve your whole dinner from the slow cooker—tender pork chops and sweet potatoes flavored with applesauce, cranberry sauce and brown...

Tomato-Topped Italian Pork Chops

11 reviews

Get out the slow cooker: You’re only seven ingredients away from a saucy, delicious meal. —Krystie Chasse, Radium Hot Springs,...

Green Chili Chops with Sweet Potatoes

2 reviews

It takes only a few minutes to combine the ingredients in a slow cooker, and you'll have a filling, healthy...