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Looking for pork chop recipes? Find pork chops including baked pork chops, stuffed pork chops, breaded pork chops, fried pork chops, and more pork chop recipes.

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Apple Bacon Pork Roll-Ups

I am so proud of this delicious creation—it's easy to make, but impressive enough to use for parties. —Cyndy Gerken, Naples, Florida

Baked Teriyaki Pork & Veggies

3 reviews

Minimal preparation makes this dish easy. I use precut broccoli and boneless, trimmed pork chops to save time. Sometimes I...

Apple-Glazed Stuffed Pork Chops

2 reviews

I've served these Apple Glazed Pork Chops for many dinner parties. All you need to add would be a green...

Lemon-Dijon Pork Sheet-Pan Supper

4 reviews

Most nights I need something that I can get on the table with minimal effort and delicious results. This sheet-pan...

Pork and Asparagus Sheet-Pan Dinner

14 reviews

When time is of the essence, it's nice to have a quick and easy meal idea in your back pocket....

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Savory Stuffed Pork Chops

19 reviews

Who would ever guess baked stuffed pork chops could be so simple? Baby spinach and stuffing mix are the secrets...

Pork Chop Potato Casserole

10 reviews

This rich-tasting casserole from Norma Shepler of Charlotte, Michigan features tender pork chops, hearty hash browns and a golden topping...

Sauerkraut and Pork Chops

6 reviews

I make this hearty dish often for guests. I think the sauerkraut tastes similar to what we enjoyed in Munich...

Baked Pork Chops with Stuffing

3 reviews

I used to make this recipe for pork chops and stuffing for our three children when they were growing up....

Herb Stuffed Pork Chops

20 reviews

I've had this recipe for almost 50 years. Any time I want the meal to be extra special - for...

Apple-Stuffed Pork Chops

7 reviews

I've been making these delicious extra-thick chops for over 30 years. It's a wonderful entree to serve company and it...

Broiled Pork Chops

8 reviews

These zippy, tender chops are one of my mother's specialties. She's been making them for years. I still request this...

Lemon-Garlic Pork Chops

5 reviews

My son James created these zesty chops spiced with paprika and cayenne. He keeps the spice rub in a jar...

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Stuffed Iowa Chops

10 reviews

Here's a hearty dish for big appetites. The corn and apples make a tasty stuffing for the chops. —Judith Smith,...

Sunday Chops and Stuffing

14 reviews

My family likes to make these chops for Sunday dinner. The recipe lets us spend more time having fun together...

Baked Saucy Pork Chops

15 reviews

Baked pork chop recipes are always handy to feed my hungry family. This entree brightens up the usual routine of...

Dijon Pork Chops

29 reviews

A crumb coating is all you need to turn pork chops into a wow-worthy family dinner. Try the breading on...

Spiced Pork Chops

35 reviews

Being a widow who likes to cook big meals, I frequently invite family and friends for dinner. On busy days,...

Zippy Breaded Pork Chops

58 reviews

Need a perky update for baked breaded pork chops? These chops with ranch dressing and a light breading will bring...

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Pork Chops with Scalloped Potatoes

147 reviews

Mom always managed to put a delicious hearty meal on the table for us and for our farmhands. This all-in-one...

Pan-Roasted Pork Chops & Potatoes

3 reviews

A shortcut marinade gives these chops plenty of flavor, and the crumb coating packs on the crunch. For color, I...

Bourbon Ham Balls

1 review

Grandma Nette was the queen of ham ball recipes. I make them salty-sweet with a bourbon and vinegar kick. Serve...

Italian Pork and Potato Casserole

3 reviews

This recipe has been enjoyed by three generations of my family. My mother concocted it years ago using a few...

Rosemary Marinated Pork Chops

3 reviews

I use fresh rosemary and wine to marinate pork chops. It takes time, so plan ahead. The chops are excellent...

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