Ground Beef Recipes

Looking for a new dinner idea? Beef it up with these family-favorite burger, meat ball, meat loaf, casserole, stuffed pepper recipes and more.

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      Pressure-Cooker Beef and Veggie Sloppy Joes

      Because I’m always looking for ways to serve my family healthy and delicious food, I started experimenting with my go-to...

      18 Turkey Burgers You Should Try Tonight

      Take a twist on the classic beef patty and try a turkey burger tonight. These turkey burger recipes incorporate garden-fresh...

      25 Healthy Burger Recipes That’ll be a Hit at Your Summer Cookout

      Trying to keep things light this summer? Look no further!

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      Pressure-Cooker Spicy Beef Vegetable Stew

      5 reviews

      This zesty ground beef and vegetable soup is flavorful and comes together so quickly. It makes a complete meal when...

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      Pressure-Cooker Beefy Cabbage Bean Stew

      1 review

      While we were on a small-group quilting retreat, one of my friends made this wonderful recipe for dinner. We all...

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      Pressure-Cooker Beef and Rice Cabbage Rolls

      3 reviews

      My family can't wait for dinner when I serve my tasty cabbage rolls. The dish comes together in a pinch...

      12 Ways to Make Your Burger Taste Even Better

      Your burgers will be the star of every backyard cookout!

      Easy Taco Cups

      3 reviews

      These zesty little cups rank high on my list of favorites because they’re fast, easy and delicious! They make a...

      30 Not-Your-Average Sloppy Joe Recipes

      These fun twists on the homey, classic sloppy joe will become new family favorite recipes.

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      80 Super Easy Ground Beef Dinners

      What's for dinner tonight? How about 30-minute skillets, easy hamburger recipes, burritos, meatloaf and more. You'll want to bookmark...

      Mini Meat Loaf Sheet-Pan Meal

      13 reviews

      I grew up with this meat loaf recipe, but I adapted it to mini meatloaves so that it would bake...

      Bacon Cheeseburgers with Fry Sauce

      5 reviews

      In Utah, fry sauce is the beloved condiment. We use it not just as a dip for fries, but also...

      Bacon and Date Goat Cheese Burgers

      3 reviews

      Every bite of this burger is a rich and decadent combination of sweet and savory. If you can't find maple...

      We Tried an Amish Yummasetti Noodle Casserole

      This ground beef dinner is a classic Amish recipe. I’m not sure where the name came from, but “yum” is...

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      70 Best Ground Beef Recipes

      Need a cheap, easy meal? We've rounded up our best easy ground beef recipes, from meatballs and meatloaves to burritos,...

      30 Hearty Dinners to Make With Less Than a Pound of Ground Beef

      Always at a loss for what to do with extra ground beef? Look no further than these filling recipes that...

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      This Is Our Highest Rated Recipe of All Time

      This bubbly burger-inspired soup is sure to hit the spot on a cold day—or any day, for that matter.

      12 Ground Beef Recipes for Two

      Ground beef might be bought in bulk, but that doesn't mean it needs to serve a crowd! These perfectly sized...

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      One-Pan Rotini with Tomato Cream Sauce

      9 reviews

      I like to make one-pan recipes and this one was proclaimed a winner by my family. Bonus: It's also easy...

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      Southwestern Beef and Rice Skillet

      10 reviews

      I like to serve this kicked-up skillet dish with warm flour tortillas and a side of guacamole. If you like...

      Ground Beef Spaghetti Skillet

      7 reviews

      I remember my grandma making this stovetop supper many times—we always loved Granny's spaghetti! My husband and I now enjoy...

      30 Ground Beef Skillet Recipes

      If you have a pound of ground beef and a skillet, you've got dinner! From Shepherd's Pie to lasagna, these...

      40 Beef Dinners Ready in 30 Minutes

      Need ideas for dinner tonight? Try these easy beef recipes that can each be made in 30 minutes or less,...

      30 Healthy Hamburger Recipes

      These healthy hamburger recipes feature ground beef in classic and unexpected dishes.

      What’s the Secret to Perfect Burgers at Home? A Former Restaurant Chef Shares 11 ...

      Super juicy burgers are possible at home! A former chef shares secrets to shaping, grilling and topping burgers for the...

      Beef Wellington Fried Wontons

      4 reviews

      These tasty appetizers scale down classic beef Wellington to an ideal party size. They feel fancy and fun! —Dianne Phillips,...

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      Is Store-Ground Meat Better Than Pre-Packaged?

      Not only is it safe to eat, but store-ground meat will actually taste better, too!