Ground Beef Recipes

Looking for a new dinner idea? Beef it up with these family-favorite burger, meat ball, meat loaf, casserole, stuffed pepper recipes and more.

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Jamaican Beef Patties

My mom was born in Jamaica and lived there until she moved to the United States during her university years. I've loved this Jamaican beef patty recipe for most of my life. The savory flavor and spices are just right, and the pastry is flaky and delicious. —Natasha Watson, Douglasville, Georgia

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Easy Stuffed Poblanos

My partner adores these saucy stuffed peppers—and I love how quickly they come together. Top with low-fat sour cream and...

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Potato-Topped Ground Beef Skillet

10 reviews

Compared to other ground beef skillet recipes, the depth of flavor in this recipe is amazing, and I never have...

Italian Joes on Texas Toast

11 reviews

This is ideal for a weeknight on the go. If you double the tomatoes, tomato paste, meat and wine, you'll...

Mini-Burger Potato Bites

4 reviews

The caramelized onions and creamy sauce make these yummy bites a huge hit at parties. People say they’re even better...

My Favorite Burger for 2

1 review

After eating a burger like this at a diner years ago, I tried to lighten up the sandwich without losing...

Lehmejun (Armenian Pizza)

This pizza-style recipe came from my friend Ruby's mom, who is a crazy-good cook. I added my own flair and...

Quick Bacon-Wrapped Beef Patties

3 reviews

“I found this in a local newspaper 25 years ago when I was a newlywed,” recalls Lana Maskus of Wright,...

My Favorite Burger

3 reviews

“After having a burger similar to this at a diner years ago, I tried to lighten it up without losing...

Spicy Beef Satay

Spices and flavors of North Africa make these ground beef appetizers a great way to start off a party

Easy Chopped Steak

8 reviews

My husband and I think this is one of the best hamburger steak recipes we have ever tried. It's reminiscent...

Pita Burgers

3 reviews

I serve this tasty variation on the traditional hamburger at backyard get-togethers. Similar to Greek gyros, the herbed ground beef...

Dagwood Burgers

You definitely need a knife and fork to dig into these piled-high burgers. They make a tasty luncheon meal. -...

Zippy Burgers

4 reviews

Our Test Kitchen concocted this easy recipe, enhancing lean ground beef with onion powder, chili powder and red pepper flakes....

Italian Beef Patties

4 reviews

Make these pizza flavored patties and watch the kids devour them! Give them a try in buns for a pizza-like...

Speedy Shepherd’s Pie

25 reviews

Turn mashed potatoes and a few pantry staples into cozy comfort food. This recipe is really flexible, so if you...

Bacon Cheeseburgers for 2

1 review

For these change-of-pace burgers, the popular toppings are cooked inside the patties. That way, you get a burst of cheese...

Zesty Cajun Burgers

5 reviews

Experimentation is what makes cooking fun and exciting. I'm especially proud of the original recipe for these burgers.—Ron Treadaway, Acworth,...

Korean Beef Patties

5 reviews

We're adopting a baby from Korea, so we've been acquainting ourselves with that country's culture and with its interesting cooking...

Cheddar Chili Burgers

4 reviews

Big, bold chili and french-fried onions are a fun alternative to the classic burger fixings of ketchup and mustard. The...

Speedy Steak Sandwiches

—Ruth Page, Hillsborough, North Carolina

Saucy Pizza Burgers

"This burger is simple and tastes like a little bit of Italy," reveals field editor Diane Hixon of Niceville, Florida.

Zesty Hamburgers

6 reviews

Notes Sue Travnik Schiller of Western Springs, Illinois, "These burgers get their zip from horseradish."

Mexican Beef Burgers

4 reviews

"When half the family requested hamburgers and the others wanted tacos, my daughter-in-law and I came up with this compromise,"...

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Double-Decker Burgers

6 reviews

Marcy Schewe's man-sized sandwich looks as delectable as it tastes. "We like the flavors in the special spread," says the...

Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Sauce

4 reviews

There are lots of Salisbury Steak recipes...but of all the ones I've tried, this is my all-time favorite—and my husband's,...

Mini Burger Bites

These yummy bites are a huge hit at parties. People say they’re even better than the mini burger appetizers that...

Cheese-Stuffed Burgers

Here's a sandwich that does regular burgers one better—with a surprise pocket of cheddar! "The beef patties contain additional popular...

Betty’s Burgers

1 review

"I dreamed up these cheese- and vegetable-stuffed burgers for a family barbecue years ago," recalls veteran cook Betty Canoles of...

Beef Stroganoff Sandwiches

8 reviews

For an American take on classic Russian comfort food, we turn beef Stroganoff into a sandwich. It comes together fast,...