Ground Beef Recipes

Looking for a new dinner idea? Beef it up with these family-favorite burger, meat ball, meat loaf, casserole, stuffed pepper recipes and more.

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Peppered Meat Loaf

I came up with this easy dinner one day while experimenting in the kitchen. Everyone who tries it, loves it! —Laura Burgess, Mount Vernon, South Dakota

Mini Meat Loaf Sheet-Pan Meal

13 reviews

I grew up with this meat loaf recipe, but I adapted it to mini meatloaves so that it would bake...

Stuffed Meat Loaf Slices

This is a family favorite requested for special occasions. We received it from a fellow faculty member when my husband...

Italian Spiral Meat Loaf

40 reviews

Take a classic comfort food to delicious new heights with this impressive recipe. Sausage, pizza sauce and mozzarella give Italian...

Picadillo Meat Loaf

You can find numerous recipes for Picadillo throughout most Latin American, Caribbean and Spanish-speaking countries. They're all a little different...

Italian Mushroom Meat Loaf

1 review

Healthful oats and flaxseed amp up the nutrition in this tasty meat loaf. —Kylie Werning, Candler, North Carolina

My Take on Mom’s Meat Loaf

6 reviews

Here's a lower-in-fat-and-salt take on my mother's original recipe. I substituted fresh ingredients like garlic, mushrooms and onions for dried...

Moist Meat Loaves

3 reviews

When a lady from our church served this at her son's birthday party, I just had to have the recipe!...

Cheese-Filled Meat Loaf

15 reviews

My mother’s meat loaf is something special, swirled with a filling of sour cream, cheddar cheese and stuffed olives. It's...

Spicy Meat Loaf

This is not your typical meat loaf! The green chili salsa really gives it some zip, and the pork sausage...

Little Cheddar Meat Loaves

9 reviews

These cheesy meat loaf minis are perfect when you're craving meat loaf but don't want to wait a long time...

Mozzarella Meat Loaf Wellington

6 reviews

I took what I liked from a few different recipes and came up with this cheese-stuffed loaf. I make it...

Tortilla-Salsa Meat Loaf

2 reviews

I’m asked to make this recipe at least once a month during the winter, especially for birthday dinners. My guests...

Italian Pinwheel Meat Loaf

2 reviews

I have been making this main dish for at least 20 years. I assemble it early in the day and...

Beef ‘n’ Turkey Meat Loaf

2 reviews

Shredded potatoes bulk up this hefty meat loaf, seasoned with garlic and thyme, and shared by Fern Nead of Florence,...

Bacon-Cheddar Meat Loaves

7 reviews

It’s easy to get your family eating healthier with menus as delicious as the one Tonya Vowels of Vine Grove,...

Easy Classic Meat Loaf

19 reviews

“My mother made this tender, moist meat loaf at least every other week—and always served it with scalloped potatoes. It...

Meat Loaf & Mashed Red Potatoes

1 review

Satisfy the meat-and-potatoes eaters in your house with this satisfying dish that all cooks up in one pot! Talk about...

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Matthew’s Best Ever Meat Loaf

19 reviews

This is comfort food at its best. Mushrooms, beef stock, tomato paste, Worcestershire and soy sauce help boost the meaty...

Onion Meat Loaf

7 reviews

"My husband and I really enjoy this delicious meat loaf," writes Rhonda Cowden. The Quincy, Illinois cook needs just five...

Slow-Cooked Meat Loaf for 2

4 reviews

“My husband and I both work late, so it’s great to come home to this classic dish with mashed potatoes...

Easy Meat Loaf

7 reviews

"My mother-in-law invented this recipe by mistake, but it was so well received, it became the most popular way for...

Vegetable Meatloaf

3 reviews

This great-tasting meat loaf from Connie Staal of Greenbrier, Arkansas, is sure to be a family favorite. It's moist, tender...

Mom’s Meat Loaf for 2

25 reviews

If you're looking for a hearty meal, just follow Michelle Beran's lead. The Claflin, Kansas cook whips up this delicious...

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Meat Loaf in a Mug

19 reviews

Here's a quick, delicious single serving of meat loaf. This smart take on a classic gives you traditional meat loaf...

Zippy Sweet-and-Sour Meat Loaf

8 reviews

Put this zippy twist on your meatloaf dinner. It is a sweet and sour taste which will delight your family....

Home-Style Meat Loaf

2 reviews

This recipe makes five moist meat loaves that are great for large gatherings.—Allison Craig, Ormstown, Quebec

Southwestern Meat Loaf Pie

2 reviews

My family loves spicy foods, so my files are filled with recipes that call for salsa and cumin. This pie...

Green Pepper Meat Loaf

"My husband, Wayne, asks for this meat loaf all the time," reports Edna Lauderdale of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. "We like it...

Sweet ‘n’ Sour Meat Loaf

3 reviews

"I found this down-home recipe in a cookbook published by patrons and friends of the small independent school where I...