Peach Recipes

Peaches are a sweet fruit that can be enjoyed during hot weather as a quick and healthy pick-me-up. These are our very best peach recipes, including ideas for salsa, ice cream, pancakes, peach cobbler, salad, smoothies, peach pie, peach crisp, preserves, parfaits and more.

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    Years ago, a friend returned from visiting her family in Denmark and brought back her family recipe for aebleskiver. After hearing her rave about these tasty Danish pancake balls sold in bakeries and at street markets there, I ordered an aebleskiver pan. I've been making them ever since. —Kristine Chayes, Smithtown, New York

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    Overnight Peach Oatmeal

    2 reviews

    Hearty oatmeal combined with bright, sweet peaches make this slow-cooker recipe a perfect breakfast or brunch. This is an excellent...

    Chicken with Peach-Avocado Salsa

    1 review

    This super fresh dinner is pure summer—juicy peaches, creamy avocado, grilled chicken and a kick of hot sauce and lime....

    Orange-Peach Thirst Quencher

    Peaches are mixed with an already tasty OJ blend for a simple, tasty treat that’s perfect for breakfast or brunch....

    Pork Roast with Peach Sauce

    2 reviews

    My husband loves this roast, paired with spiced peaches and sauce. Easy to make, it’s ideal for special occasions or...

    Peachy Shrimp Tacos

    "With three always-on-the-go teens, we often only have about 10 minutes to prepare dinner. This simple recipe has become a...

    Peach Almond Crisp

    4 reviews

    “This is delectable with any stone fruit, but especially peaches. It makes eight servings, though six people will dispatch it...

    Chicken Kabobs with Peach Glaze

    1 review

    Chicken, peaches and veggies are treated to a delightful glaze. These kabobs pack in flavor. Serve with couscous or rice,...

    Creamy Yogurt Ice Pops

    These fun, refreshing peach pops get smooth, creamy goodness from yogurt. Any fruit can be substituted in the recipe. We’ve...

    Peach Crisp Parfait Pops

    My little ones love fruit crisps and Popsicles. I created a healthy and delicious treat that combines the two. For...

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    Pork Chops with Nectarine Sauce

    4 reviews

    As a dietitian, I’m always looking for ways to make meals healthy and delicious. These juicy chops are fast, too....

    Frozen Peach Yogurt

    12 reviews

    With its fresh and sweet flavor, you’ll be glad that each bite of this cool and creamy treat delivers bone-building...

    Fruited Turkey Salads

    5 reviews

    What a perfectly lovely summer salad! This one is bursting with juicy peaches, sun-kissed blueberries, cold turkey and crunchy toasted...

    Poached Peaches with Cream Cheese Filling

    4 reviews

    Chocolate chips and confectioners’ sugar add to the natural sweetness of these perfectly poached peaches. —Greg Fontenot, The Woodlands, Texas

    Pork Chops with Fruity Nectarine Salsa

    1 review

    This special pork dish has a zesty flair and is a snap to prepare. A sweet fruity salsa balances perfectly...

    Almond Peach Gelato

    1 review

    This rich and delicious dessert is especially outstanding when served with warm peaches or peach pie.—Rita Kitsteiner, Tucson, Arizona

    Peach Chicken

    4 reviews

    This sweet and savory entree will appeal to the whole family. The chicken’s bread crumb coating makes it especially

    Peach Frozen Yogurt

    2 reviews

    When peaches are in season, we order them by the bushel. This quick and creamy frozen treat has wonderful fresh...

    Vanilla Peach Tarts

    5 reviews

    Peaches, vanilla pudding and a hint of spice create a smooth filling for these mini tarts. Shared by our Test...

    Peachy Ginger Pork

    Sliced peaches and red pepper strips add pretty color to these quick-to-fix pork slices, while a hint of Dijon mustard...

    Peach Delight

    5 reviews

    Colorful peach slices and refreshing lemon gelatin take center stage in this creamy dessert from Clara Hunt of Lexington, North...

    Cinnamon Peach Enchiladas

    1 review

    These sweet enchiladas from Irene Glembotskaya of Brooklyn, New York are a pleasant change from traditional peach pie--and a whole...

    Peach Strawberry Sundaes

    "There is something special that happens when you combine fresh lime juice with peaches and strawberries—talk about a burst of...

    Peachy Fruit Smoothies

    3 reviews

    The color of this refreshing beverage just says "spring!" Smoothies are great for breakfast, dessert or a midday snack. —Taste...

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    Dijon-Peach Pork Chops

    5 reviews

    "This is a dish I invented one night when I was missing half the ingredients for a pork chop recipe...

    Pork Chops with Nectarine Salsa

    1 review

    My special pork dish has so much flavor and is a snap to prepare. A sweet, fruity salsa perfectly balances...

    Grilled Chicken with Peaches

    2 reviews

    My grandmother gave me this recipe, which I lightened up. My children loved it when they were little, and now...

    Country Peach Tart

    2 reviews

    Our Test Kitchen staff came up with this peachy change of pace from a traditional baked fruit pie. Great for...

    Peach Cheese Pie

    6 reviews

    "I whip up this cool, creamy, light dessert in the morning so my family can enjoy it after dinner on...

    Peachy Phyllo Packets

    Flaky layers of pastry surround a warm, spiced filling of fresh peaches and raisins. “Everyone loves these. They’re so good...