Banana Recipes

Got overripe bananas? Use them up in our cozy recipes with bananas, which include banana bread (of course), but also banana dessert recipes and smoothies.

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    Air-Fryer Breakfast Cookies

    1 review

    I used to buy name-brand breakfast cookies from the supermarket, but since I found this recipe I've enjoyed making my cookies more than buying them. —Linda Burciaga

    Banana Split Cake Bars

    2 reviews

    Summer isn’t summer without a banana split or two, and these fun bars bring that same delicious flavor in potluck-perfect...

    Banana Cream & Peanut Butter Mousse Pie

    My pie is special because it is ultra creamy and has three foods I desire most—peanut butter, banana and milk...

    Banana-Oatmeal Pancakes with Blueberry Maple Syrup

    1 review

    Breakfast is generally the only meal I'm able to share with my boyfriend, so I like to make a delicious...

    Banana Oat Breakfast Cookies

    4 reviews

    I used to buy name-brand breakfast cookies from the supermarket, but since I found this recipe I've enjoyed making my...

    Grilled Pound Cake with Warm Amaretto Bananas

    Banana, butter and caramel flavors go so well together already, and then you add a sweet almond liqueur, such as...

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    Grilled Banana Brownie Sundaes

    My niece Amanda Jean and I have a lot of fun in the kitchen creating different dishes. One of us...

    Raspberry-Banana Soft Serve

    2 reviews

    When I make this ice cream, I mix and match bananas for their ripeness. Very ripe ones add more banana...

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    Bananas Foster on the Grill

    Bananas Foster is my husband's favorite dessert, and this is one of the easiest recipes I've ever found. Not only...

    Banana-Berry Brownie Pizza

    7 reviews

    "I like to make this dessert in June and early July so I can use fresh local strawberries," writes Tina...

    Pina Colada Pork Chops with Tropical Fruit Salsa

    5 reviews

    These zesty chops with kiwi, banana and avocado salsa are a one-way ticket to the tropics. The grilled pork and...

    Honey-Rum Grilled Bananas

    6 reviews

    These grilled bananas are the perfect dessert following a cookout. My family was skeptical at first, but everyone tried the...

    Banana-Nut Waffle Cake

    I wanted to use waffles in a creative way and came up with an idea of making a cake out...

    Best Banana Ice Cream

    23 reviews

    My son-in-law says this is the best banana ice cream he’s ever had. It’s always requested at family gatherings. —Donna...

    Banana Nut Bars

    9 reviews

    My sister gave me this recipe, which is always in demand with family, friends and co-workers. It's amazing how fast...

    Banana Cocoa Brownies

    2 reviews

    —Rebecca Luginbill, Pandora, Ohio

    Breakfast Fruit Salad

    2 reviews

    You need just two ingredients to stir up the citrusy dressing that's drizzled over this fruit medley. Teri Albrecht of...

    Southern Banana Pudding

    10 reviews

    This is an old Southern recipe, featuring a comforting custard layered with bananas and vanilla wafers, then topped with a...

    Grilled Cake and Fruit

    3 reviews

    Bring the convenience of outdoor cooking to dessert with toasted angel food cake "sandwiches" that hold melted chocolate and are...

    Banana Boats

    29 reviews

    This banana boat recipe, given to me years ago by a good friend, is a favorite with my family when...

    Rocky Road Grilled Banana Splits

    1 review

    There's no wrong turn when you travel down this rocky road. Toasty-warm bananas filled with gooey goodness and topped with...

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    Banana Split Icebox Cake

    29 reviews

    One day a friend showed me how to make a traditional icebox cake with just cream and graham crackers. I...

    Beernana Bread

    12 reviews

    Really, it's simple arithmetic…or something like that: Beer is good. Banana bread is good. Beernana bread is great! Even guys...

    Pumpkin Pie Smoothies

    1 review

    My pie-flavored smoothie is loaded with fruit. The spices make it all come together. —Karen Sikora, Dayton, Nevada

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    Banana Nut Brownies

    11 reviews

    This recipe comes from my Grandma Schlientz. Anytime there are ripe bananas around our house, it's banana brownie time! People...

    Black-Bottom Banana Bars

    55 reviews

    These bars stay very moist, and their rich banana and chocolate flavor is even better the second day. My mother-in-law...

    Peanut Butter and Banana Waffles

    3 reviews

    I love bananas and I love to make breakfast, too. These are a refreshing change from your everyday waffles. I...

    Banana Split Brownie Pie

    1 review

    I often use Neapolitan in place of three different ice cream flavors to make this luscious dessert. You can bake...

    Banana Cream Brownie Dessert

    13 reviews

    I always keep the ingredients for this extremely delicious dessert on hand because I make it quite often for potlucks...

    Banana Split Brownie Pizza

    1 review

    I made this extra special dessert for my kids one night and they still say it is their favorite. The...