Banana Recipes

Got overripe bananas? Use them up in our cozy recipes with bananas, which include banana bread (of course), but also banana dessert recipes and smoothies.

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We Tested 4 Banana Bread Recipes—Here’s What You Need to Know

We put four of our top-rated banana bread recipes to the test. Find out which you should be making at home.

12 Ways to Upgrade Your Banana Bread

We all love a cozy loaf of banana bread. But next time you stir up this simple bake, why not...

Pumpkin Banana Muffins

3 reviews

These pumpkin banana muffins are the perfect bite-sized snack for fall. —Desiree Rasch, Blue Springs, Missouri

Cast-Iron Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

11 reviews

I love this cast-iron banana bread because it cooks evenly every time. The end result is so moist and delicious!...

We Tried Joanna Gaines’ Banana Bread Recipe

Her version may very well rival your fave.

Gluten-Free Banana Coffee Cake

4 reviews

I created this gluten-free coffee cake for people on special diets. Those who are lactose intolerant, allergic to eggs or...

Banana Bread A to Z

Looking for a twist on your favorite banana bread recipe? This roundup features everything from apples to zucchini.

Double Cranberry Banana Bread

3 reviews

We love quick breads, and I've found that they freeze nicely if properly wrapped. This is a scrumptious recipe to...

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Our Best Banana Bread Recipes

Whether you like yours studded with nuts, glazed on top or just chock-full of pure banana flavor, we've got the...

Maple Nut Banana Bread

Banana bread rises to a whole new level when you add maple syrup, sour cream and pecans—and a cinnamon-spiced streusel....

Go Bananas Crumb Bread

4 reviews

We get a lot of rain in Oregon, and I often find myself cooking and baking to help keep the...

Peanut Banana Bread

23 reviews

"My family literally comes running when they smell this bread baking." Between the thick chocolate layer and the crumbly topping,...

Glazed Coconut-Banana Bread

7 reviews

Give your celebration a tropical flair with this exotic variation of banana bread. It’s quick to prepare, giving you plenty...

Banana Date-Nut Mini Muffins

2 reviews

“These little muffins have so much flavor they don't need butter or jam or anything else to make them complete....

Wheat Germ Streusel Banana Muffins

9 reviews

Using a mild oil like canola adds moisture and tenderness without changing flavor. “You’ll love the good, healthy feeling and...

Gluten-Free Banana Walnut Muffins

6 reviews

“I’ve been cooking gluten-free since 2003, when my husband was diagnosed with celiac disease. Over the years, I’ve managed to...

Banana & Cream Chocolate Chip Muffins

5 reviews

My husband, the shameless chocoholic of the household, thought these muffins needed mini chocolate chips. Guests agreed—and they also love...

Gluten-Free Autumn Bread

8 reviews

This moist, tender loaf has a golden-brown crust and added sweetness from bananas, raisins and carrots. —Christine Levine, Waldorf, Maryland

Jumbo Banana-Pecan Muffins

18 reviews

These tender muffins are topped with a delightful streusel. They make a great treat for Christmas morning when served with...

Marcie’s Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

2 reviews

I’ve got a super moist muffin that’s a big hit at our house—tender inside and lightly crisp outside. I use...

Poppy Seed Banana Muffins

3 reviews

This recipe is a regular in our home so I keep batches of the dry ingredients already mixed together as...

Gluten-Free Banana Nut Muffins

4 reviews

You don't have to be gluten-intolerant to appreciate the sweet flavor of grains and bananas in these delectable muffins. —gingerlemongirl,...

Peanut Butter-Banana Muffins

6 reviews

These bite-sized muffins make a delightful treat. Banana and peanut butter are ideal partners and taste terrific with chocolate. —Patty...

Christmas Banana Bread

9 reviews

This bread is a pretty addition to the table during the holidays. Cherries, walnuts and chocolate chips give fast festive...

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Banana Muffins

12 reviews

“These muffins turn out wonderful every single time,” says Linda Heywood of Mill Bay, British Columbia. “My uncle raves abut...

Banana Muffins with Streussel Topping

4 reviews

"I'm a retired teacher, and not I stay busy planning and preparing weekly meals at our church," relates Elizabeth Viola....

Banana-Toffee Muffin Tops

3 reviews

"Toffee bits and bananas give a delightful flavor to these moist breakfast treats," says Betty kleberger of Florissant, Missouri. "I...

Bran Banana Muffins

10 reviews

Several years ago I experimented with a banana muffin recipe by adding bran cereal. I loved the results and have...

Mini Banana Nut Bread

5 reviews

“This recipe won several blue ribbons at our county and Nebraska State Fairs,” writes Anna Marie Moore from Aurora, Nebraska....

Cherry Banana Mini Loaves

1 review

This recipe has been passed down from my mom's mother. The addition of chocolate chips and dried cherries makes it...