Banana Recipes

Got overripe bananas? Use them up in our cozy recipes with bananas, which include banana bread (of course), but also banana dessert recipes and smoothies.

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Fried Banana Milkshakes

I love bananas—candy, bread, muffins, smoothies, with peanut butter—everything banana. So why not add bananas, kicked up several notches, to a milkshake? —Julie Tran Deily,

Chocolate Chip, PB & Banana Sandwiches

I love finding new ways to combine peanut butter, chocolate and bananas. I was shocked when my nephews (who are...

Banana Rum Sundaes for Two

1 review

You can serve this mouthwatering dessert any time because it takes just minutes to make. The warm, sweet fruit and...

Chocolate-Almond Banana Splits

When your kids just can’t wait to dig into something sweet, put together these speedy banana splits. Experiment with various...

Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie

16 reviews

This frosty strawberry banana smoothie with yogurt is a great way to use up that last banana. Frozen berries and...

Apricot Banana Rice Pudding

1 review

Our Test Kitchen created this sweet, but-not-too-sweet variation on rice pudding. It's a great way to use up leftover rice.

Blueberry Mango Smoothies

Tofu lends a shake-like thickness to this fruit-filled smoothie from our Test Kitchen. It's a welcome treat for those on...

Honey Banana Sundaes

1 review

This simple, comforting, healthy dessert is a hit every time I serve it. It tops the list when my grandchildren...

Baked Bananas in Orange Sauce

This simply luscious dessert from Gusty Crum of Dover, Ohio looks pretty enough to serve for a special occasion.

Pineapple Sunrise Smoothies

4 reviews

"This great-tasting beverage is an easy way to get kids to eat their fruit," notes Diana Mueller of Las Vegas,...

Mango Banana Smoothies

Toasted wheat germ is a healthy bonus in this tropical treasure from Verna Puntigan from Spartanburg, South Carolina. The chilly...

Banana French Toast

3 reviews

"I like serving bananas with traditional French toast," explains Don Johnson of Southfield, Michigan. "I created this version when we...

Pineapple Banana Shakes

When I have fruit and milk or other foods I need to use up, I like to create my own...

Honey-Baked Bananas

I created this recipe one day out of desperation. We had invited guests for dinner, and about a half hour...

Peanut Banana Waldorf

This is a combination of two different salads that my children liked when they were growing up. It probably originated...

Strawberry Banana Cups

Writes Evelyn Savage of Belfair, Washington,"My husband and I like Jell-O salad now and then, but if I made a...

Banana Toffee Cream

I spotted this recipe in a magazine about 40 years ago. Its tasty ingredients and ease of preparation appealed to...

Banana Milk Shakes

3 reviews

"When the Winnipeg River beckons my visiting grandchildren each summer, they won't stop for breakfast," relates Helen Stine of Lac...

Banana Strawberry Smoothies

4 reviews

This quick-to-fix nutritious drink is thick and frothy with a refreshing fruit taste. "My mother gave me this recipe. It...

Creamy Banana Lettuce Salad

Nancye Thompson of Paducah, Kentucky dresses up salad greens with fruit, nuts and a yummy banana dressing.

Strawberry Banana Fluff

Desserts don't come any easier than this recipe, which is quite good, too.

Chocolaty Banana Smoothie

1 review

Want to add low-fat dairy to your diet? Consider the frothy, chocolaty smoothies our Test Kitchen whipped up with both...

Banana Breakfast Smoothies

3 reviews

In a hurry? Enjoy a fast and nutritious breakfast drink with this recipe from Stacy Myers of Bristol, Tennessee. “I...

Mango Tango Smoothies

3 reviews

With a cup of milk and a half cup of yogurt, this smoothie is rich in calcium and makes an...

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Bananas Foster Sundaes for 2

8 reviews

I have wonderful memories of eating bananas Foster in New Orleans and, as a dietitian, I wanted to find a...

Banana Orange Salad

I came up with this salad when an unexpected guest showed up for lunch and I had to make do...

Easy Fruit Salad with Coconut

I love fresh fruit salads. With this simple recipe, I can enjoy one even in January! This colorful salad complements...

Ice Cream Banana Dessert

2 reviews

Carol Schlagenhauser shares a delightful dessert that couldn’t be easier. “I’ve been making this simple treat since I was a...

Peanut Butter ‘n’ Banana Pudding

WHEN my grandmother cooked at a small country school, she earned the reputation of good cook. This recipe was given...

Comforting Banana Pudding

1 review

This recipe is a terrific small-quantity alternative to banana cream pie.—Opal Hinson, Lubbock, Texas