Fruit Recipes

Naturally, fruit is delicious on its own, but our recipes with fruit show off how delicious fruit is when used in baking and cooking. Of course, we’ve got plenty of healthy fruit recipes.

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      70 Juicy, Flaky Fruit Pies

      From fruity flavored classics like strawberry pie to lattice-crowned berry pie and peach pie, each of these recipes are sweet and flaky to perfection.

      How to Make Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

      We're all about chocolate! Follow our simple guide to make decadent chocolate-covered strawberries at home.

      Sweet and Savory Deviled Eggs

      My Grandma Phyllis' sweet and savory deviled eggs are unrivaled by any of the ones I've tried. The sweetness of...

      Michigan Cherry Japanese-Style Cheesecake

      Michigan is known for its cherries, so we have plenty of opportunities to use them—in this Japanese-style cheesecake is a...

      If You See White Stuff on Your Peach Pit, This Is What It Means

      Enjoying a juicy ripe peach? Don't let the white stuff (also known as peach callus tissue) stop you.

      How to Cut a Watermelon (The Easy Way!)

      Here's our step-by-step guide on how to cut a watermelon. You'll be making slices, cubes, and melon balls like a...

      Chilled Asparagus with Basil Cream

      My family loves chilled asparagus. It's the perfect veggie to have on a warm night, or any night for that...

      Rose and Raspberry Fool

      I came up with this recipe when I was going through a floral phase, putting rose or lavender in everything....

      Almond Joy Cake

      This is a fantastic Almond Joy cake recipe—tastes just like the candy bar. —Daria Burcar, Rochester, Michigan

      Audrey’s Lemon Meringue Bars

      We are always trying to find new ways to use the fruit from our lemon tree. My 13-year-old daughter, Audrey,...

      Chocolate-Glazed Raspberry Eclairs

      I first made choux pastry in high school for a French class assignment, and I was fascinated. Since then, chocolate...

      Air-Fryer Lemon Feta Chicken

      This bright, Greek-inspired chicken has only five ingredients—it's a busy-day lifesaver! And popping it into the air fryer makes it...

      Air-Fryer Pecan Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler

      Chock-full of berries and rhubarb, this pretty cobbler is the perfect finale for a dinner for two. Both the pecans...

      Here’s How to Make a Fruit Charcuterie Board for Summer Snacking

      Use all of your favorite fruits. The more colors you have, the more beautiful your fruit charcuterie board is bound...

      24 Healthy Blueberry Recipes

      Take advantage of these healthy blueberry recipes. We love this mini-yet-mighty fruit's health benefits, so be sure to stock your...

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      34 Low-Calorie Fruit Desserts We Love

      Don’t skip dessert! These summery, low-calorie fruit desserts have fewer than 200 calories per serving.

      Banana Pudding Tart

      Here's a tart version of the classic banana pudding. Use the entire box of vanilla wafers, reserving 1/4 cup to...

      What to Make If You Love Strawberry Pretzel Dessert

      Strawberry Pretzel Dessert (or do you call it strawberry pretzel salad?) is an iconic dish that can be seen at...

      20 Tropical Mango and Coconut Recipes

      From bars to smoothie bowls, these mango and coconut recipes will whisk you away to paradise.

      How to Keep Fruit Salad Fresh

      Wondering how to keep fruit salad fresh? We have a few options.

      Cranberry-Walnut Belgian Waffles

      Belgian waffles have larger squares and deeper pockets than American waffles. I make mine with nutrition boosters like whole wheat,...

      How to Wash Berries for Best Results

      Summer means fun in the sun and plenty of fresh berries! Learn how to wash berries, from blackberries to raspberries,...

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      20 Juicy, Delicious and Healthy Peach Recipes

      Fresh, juicy peaches are a summertime favorite. Take advantage of them while they’re in season with these healthy peach recipes.

      Savory Rice-Stuffed Apples

      My family has several apple trees, so I am challenged to create new recipes each fall. This side dish is...

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      8 Tools, Gadgets and Containers That Make the Most of Fresh Berries

      Visiting the strawberry patch or farmers market this year? Make your berries last longer and taste even better with these...

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      15 Refreshing Strawberry and Mint Recipes

      Cool off with our favorite strawberry mint recipes. These refreshing ideas are the perfect way to use up your garden...

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      How to Make Strawberry Shortcake from Scratch

      Berry season is here! Make the most of it and learn how to make strawberry shortcake with your just-picked harvest.

      Maple and Cream Apple Pie

      The cream in this pie makes it so rich and delicious. If you're looking for something a little out of...

      Pomegranate Magic Bars

      Pomegranates make dessert festive and bright with a burst of juicy sweetness. These pomegranate bars are no exception. —Lisa Keys,...

      Coconut Nutella Brownies

      My parents were coming over for dinner, and I wanted a fast go-to brownie. My mom loves coconut and chocolate,...