Egg Yolk Recipes

Need to use up extra egg yolks? Our recipes with egg yolks are rich and delicious, including the popular cookies made with egg yolks.

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    This Is Why Grandma Baked with Hard Boiled Egg Yolks

    Just when we thought Grandma had shared all her baking secrets, this hidden gem left us floored.

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    Best Ever Vanilla Ice Cream

    This ice cream is technically a custard since it contains eggs. After lots of testing (and tasting), I've found that...

    French Buttercream

    French buttercream has a custard-like texture and is great if you're going to be piping shapes or decorations. —Taste of...

    French Butter Cookies

    The Brittany region of France is known for its use of butter. These French butter cookies, also known as sable...