Egg Recipes

Jump-start your day with eggs for breakfast or even for lunch and dinner. From tasty quiche to inventive scrambles, omelets, casseroles, salads, and sandwiches, find the best egg recipes at Taste of Home.

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Dates-Under-a-Cloud Bars

When I was in grade school, we had a community cookbook that included these yummy bars. Use a wet knife when cutting them to easily slice through the meringue.—Lorraine Caland, Shuniah, Ontario

Quick Fruitcake

"This moist loaf is the perfect choice for people who don't like the candied fruits that go into traditional fruitcake,"...

Fruitcake Trifle

The scrumptious, satiny custard is layered between apricot and date studded cake to create a divine seasonal trifle.—