Egg Recipes

Jump-start your day with eggs for breakfast or even for lunch and dinner. From tasty quiche to inventive scrambles, omelets, casseroles, salads, and sandwiches, find the best egg recipes at Taste of Home.

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Three-In-One Banana Muffins

With a single banana bread mix, Beth Kosko bakes three different kinds of muffins using chocolate chips, walnuts and coconut. "I came up with this idea for a brunch where I wanted a variety of treats but not lots of leftovers," she pens from Ansonia, Connecticut.

Leftover Eggnog Cranberry Muffins

3 reviews

I devised this recipe after Christmas one year to make use of leftover eggnog and cranberries. My friends and family...

Eggnog Muffins

12 reviews

This scrumptious muffins are chock-full of pecans and raisins.—Susan Brown, Northglenn, Colorado

Nestled Egg Muffins

8 reviews

My kids think these muffins are great because the eggs "magically" cook in the shell as they rest on top...

Shirred Egg Corn Muffins

2 reviews

For our brunches, we bake eggs in cornbread cups. With cheddar sauce and more cheese sprinkled on top, they make...

Meal in a Muffin Pan

16 reviews

This meal-in-a-pan breakfast is ideal for busy weekday mornings. I just add fresh fruit and beverages. —Michelle Plumb, Montrose, Colorado...

Sausage Breakfast Muffins

14 reviews

I can never seem to get out of bed with enough time to make breakfast. My solution is to make...

On-the-Go Breakfast Muffins

19 reviews

My muffins are a frequent request from everyone in the family. I usually make them on Sunday nights, so when...

Holiday Eggnog Muffins

These moist goodies are sweet enough to be dessert. Eggnog and pineapple may seem unusual together, but they blend wonderfully.