Milk Chocolate Recipes

Use up your milk chocolate bars, chips or kisses. These recipes with milk chocolate include cozy childhood favorites: cakes, bars and plenty of cookies.

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    Dark Chocolate-Caramel Macchiato Pie

    4 reviews

    One of my first entries in the National Pie Championship was this impressive pie with coffee flavor and cool chocolate curls on top. —Amy Mills, Sebring, Florida

    Kid-Made Cocoa Cupcakes

    I’m only a kid, and this is the first recipe I’ve created. I spent a year perfecting these cupcakes, asking...

    Peppermint Brownie Cups

    5 reviews

    These cookies look fancy, but the recipe is fairly easy. We love the brownie-style texture, loads of peppermint flavor and...

    Chocolate Treasure Boxes

    12 reviews

    This tasteful container is constructed with candy bars. Consider personalizing the box lid with a conversation heart or a special...

    Rich ‘n’ Fluffy Chocolate Frosting

    Whisking up a batch of smooth-as-silk fudgy chocolate icing is a snap using this short recipe and your favorite flavor...

    Million-Dollar Chocolate Fudge

    2 reviews

    As the name suggests, this candy tastes like a million bucks! The recipe came from a local cooking show, which...

    Chocolate Marshmallow Peanut Butter Squares

    6 reviews

    I combined a couple of recipes to create these crunchy, chocolaty peanut butter marshmallow bars that burst with flavor. The...

    Triple Chocolate Mousse Torte

    3 reviews

    When it's too hot to bake something sweet but you're craving chocolate, my chocolaty mousse tart is all you need....

    Chocolate Raspberry Tea Cakes

    2 reviews

    WITH a family of six children, it seems I'm always cooking and on the lookout for variety in menus and...

    Chocolate-Covered Maraschino Cherry Cookies

    13 reviews

    I first tasted these cookies during a “cookie swap” at work a few years ago. Now I make them every...

    Stuffed Cherries Dipped in Chocolate

    5 reviews

    I make these delectable cherry treats in early summer when the cherries are ripe and plentiful. A summertime favorite, they...

    Pecan Candy Clusters

    10 reviews

    Grandchildren and kids in her Gage, Oklahoma neighborhood love helping Flo Burtnett make (and eat) these yummy, four-ingredient treats! “They're...

    Dark Chocolate Fondue

    1 review

    Savor all the decadence without a lick of guilt! We kept all the velvety, melt-in-your-mouth texture of fudgy fondue in...

    Coconut Chocolate-Covered Cherries

    2 reviews

    A friend gave me this recipe because she knew how much I like chocolate-covered cherries. Coconut and nuts make this...

    Bundt Cake

    1 review

    I like to make time to prepare this cake for my husband on special occasions. It stays moist for days.

    Heart Brownie Cookie

    1 review

    Come Valentine’s Day, Angie Powell is extremely busy in Orem, Utah. In addition to decorating cakes at a local restaurant,...

    Chocolate Basket

    You'll give a few fun new twists to “sweets for my sweet” when you weave this good-enough-to-eat basket. It’s made...

    Cherry Oatmeal Cookies

    18 reviews

    I like to make these old-fashioned treats with raspberry chips, but cherry-flavored work well in a pinch to add color...

    Chocolate Ganache Tarts

    18 reviews

    Decadent, chocolate mousse-like filling and a flakey, tender crust make this very special. Be sure to coat hands well with...

    Raspberry Chocolate Puffs

    1 review

    This chocolaty, flaky dessert is one of my favorite show-off recipes because
    it makes a spectacular presentation. The best...

    Mocha Meringue Cups

    1 review

    No one can resist a rich mocha filling sitting on top of a crisp, chewy meringue cup. My clan expects...

    Chocolate-Caramel Supreme Pie

    5 reviews

    At a church fund-raiser, I purchased a pie-a-month package furnished by a local family. From among all the varieties they...

    Chocolate Mousse Pie

    12 reviews

    Sky-high and scrumptious, this fluffy chocolate delight is super to serve to company. You can put the pie together in...

    Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

    7 reviews

    I've given these delectable candies with a nutty surprise inside to teachers and friends. —Debra Pedrazzi, Ayer, Massachusetts

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    Caramel Pretzel Sticks

    15 reviews

    Homemade caramel, smooth almond bark and chopped nuts make these pretzel rods sinfully delicious. This treat is always a huge...

    Chocolate-Covered Cherry Thumbprints

    When I dig out my best cookie recipes, they remind me of baking when my children were little. These thumbprints...

    Chocolate Peanut Sweeties

    17 reviews

    Inspired by my passion for peanut butter and chocolate, I combined a trusted recipe for peanut butter eggs with the...

    Raspberry White Chocolate Mousse

    1 review

    Raspberry sauce is an appealing base for this fluffy white chocolate mousse. The treasured treat is surprisingly easy and a...

    Chocolate French Toast

    1 review

    Try this yummy treat for a special breakfast or brunch. The layer of chocolate hidden inside makes a wonderful flavor...

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    Cherry Kiss Cookies

    38 reviews

    Topped with a chocolate kiss, these cherry-flavored cookies look super cute on a dessert tray. Share them with family and...