Crescent Roll Recipes

A simple tube of premade crescent rolls can transform into all kinds of creative dishes. Enjoy these delicious ways to turn crescent rolls into appetizers and desserts.

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Crescent Mac and Cheese Bites

My kids love macaroni and cheese, and they love crescent rolls. With the help of my daughter Lula, I decided to put the two together in one yummy recipe. They are perfect either as an appetizer for adults (who love them, too) or as an entree for the little ones. —Suzanne Gerrety, Jacksonville, Florida

Chicken Taco Pockets

3 reviews

We love these taco-flavored sandwiches made with crescent dough. They make a quick, easy lunch or supper with a bowl...

Chicken & Cheddar Mummy Braid

A hearty chicken filling is the spooky surprise inside this yummy mummy braid. Each slice is like a hot sandwich...

Chicken Cordon Bleu in Pastry

16 reviews

Baking chicken breasts in a flaky dough makes them turn out moist and delicious every time. This fancy dish is...

Salmon and Artichoke Quiche Squares

2 reviews

Salmon, goat cheese and artichoke hearts make this quiche feel a little fancy and taste extra delicious. Baked in an...

Taco Crescent Bake

19 reviews

A friend shared the recipe with me, and I've prepared it monthly ever since. The crust is made from refrigerated...

Crescent Chicken Bundles

13 reviews

When I was expecting our third child, this was one of the meals I put in the freezer ahead of...

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Apple Dumpling Bake

36 reviews

I received this recipe for baked apple dumplings with Mountain Dew from a friend of mine, then tweaked it to...

Crescent Turkey Casserole

25 reviews

How do you make a dinner of turkey and vegetables really appealing to kids? You turn it into a pie,...

Lasagna Cups

1 review

I love lasagna and garlic bread, so it only made sense to put them together in these fun little cups....