Crescent Roll Recipes

A simple tube of premade crescent rolls can transform into all kinds of creative dishes. Enjoy these delicious ways to turn crescent rolls into appetizers and desserts.

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Crab Crescent Loaf

11 reviews

Golden crescent roll slices are scrumptious filled with dilled cream cheese and tender pieces of crab. You’re sure to appreciate the rich flavor and easy preparation.
Maureen Dongoski

Scrambled Egg Brunch Bread

5 reviews

This attractive is brimming with eggs, ham and cheese, making it a real meal in one. By using refrigerated crescent...

Pecan Breakfast Loaf

1 review

This quick bread has the terrific taste of caramel yeast rolls but with the convenience of refrigerated crescent rolls. Each...

Orange Pull-Apart Bread

"The recipe for this appealing breakfast loaf came from my sister, who's an excellent cook," relates Kristin Salzman of Fenton,...

Mom’s Chocolate Bread

13 reviews

My mom made this divine chocolaty bread only for holidays or special requests, but it makes any old morning even...