Recipes with Breads

Our bread recipes are great for any occasion. Whether it’s a sweet comforting breakfast bread or a satisfying sandwich loaf, we’ve got you covered!

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    Florentine Ciabatta

    2 reviews

    I came up with this appetizer because of my love for white pizza. I've served my ciabatta pizza at many holiday parties, and it's always a big hit among both children and adults. —Noreen McCormick Danek, Cromwell, Connecticut

    Olive & Roasted Pepper Bruschetta

    2 reviews

    I've tried many versions of bruschetta but think this recipe contains the perfect blend of ingredients. It's super easy, and...

    Vegetarian Egg Strata

    5 reviews

    “I used to make this with turkey or chicken sausage, but adapted it for a vegetarian friend, and it was...

    Sausage and Pepper Sandwiches

    3 reviews

    Pick a dark, malty lager for simmering the sausages. Grill ’em, split ’em and load ’em on toasted buns with...

    Pepper & Jack Smothered Cheeseburgers

    1 review

    To add a little bite to your burgers, just add peppers. The cheesy pepper-onion topping and chipotle glaze lend the...

    Mediterranean Dip with Garlic Pita Chips

    This deliciously different dip is one of those recipes that’s so good, you keep trying to find new ways to...

    Grilled Veggie Sandwiches

    5 reviews

    Get a grip on lunch! Here's a fun recipe for using up those summer garden veggies. Meat-eaters won't even miss...

    Asian-Style Turkey Pitas

    Tired of turkey sandwiches? Try Beverly Graml's fresh-tasting adaptation—a warm spicy stir-fry tucked into pita bread. "A neighbor game me...

    Pepper Lover’s Pizza

    These colorful and versatile pizzas are piled high with peppers, but taste great with any veggies. They’re also a quick...

    Fajitas in Pitas

    For a weekend lunch with company, we grill chicken and peppers to stuff inside pita pockets. The dressing doubles as...

    Grilled Eggplant Pepper Sandwiches

    10 reviews

    I love eggplant! These savory, filling sandwiches give the vegetable new meaning. One bite, and you're hooked. Even my grandchildren...

    Pigskin Barbecue

    2 reviews

    I've taken these saucy sandwiches to potlucks and tailgate parties with our polo club...and served them at our own backyard...

    Vegetable Bites

    5 reviews

    —Corey Henderson, Calgary, Alberta

    Roasted Pepper ‘n’ Egg Salad Sandwiches

    1 review

    Here’s a fresh take on a classic sandwich from Ruby Williams of Bogalusa, Louisiana. The egg salad gets an extra...

    Open-Faced Garden Veggie Sandwiches

    2 reviews

    Virginia Lawson

    By now, your garden is probably filled with ripe veggies! I jazz up this delightful...

    Sweet Pepper Sandwiches

    1 review

    We love this recipe because it's easy and vegetarian. Family members assemble their own sandwiches to their liking. -Cara Neth...

    Hot Antipasto Sandwiches

    6 reviews

    I usually make this popular dish as an appetizer for holiday get-togethers. But I also like to serve it with...

    Greek Salad Pitas

    3 reviews

    Veggie lovers, here's a full-flavored recipe just for you! This hearty, meatless pita is stuffed with plenty of chopped vegetables...

    Red Pepper Green Bean Roll-Ups

    2 reviews

    Delicious and healthy, this appetizer is a yummy way to eat green beans. The roll-ups can be prepared ahead of...

    Flank Steak Sandwiches

    3 reviews

    “My sister and I found this recipe 15 years ago, changed a few ingredients and made it our own," recalls...

    Fast Fajita Pita

    1 review

    "These are perfect for busy days," notes Cathy Bell of Joplin, Missouri.

    Beefstro Bruschetta Burgers

    1 review

    “My mom always ate her hamburger on top of a salad. I thought it was quite unusual as a child,...

    Mediterranean Salad Sandwiches

    These hearty, fresh-flavored sandwiches taste like a summer salad on a bun. Add iced tea, a side of sorbet and...

    Beef ‘n’ Pepper Bread Slices

    These festive French bread slices topped with roast beef, red peppers and melted cheese are simple to make and a...

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    Crisp Cornbread Salad

    3 reviews

    "My family loves this cool crisp medley," reports Martha Spears of Lenoir, North Carolina. "It's a unique treatment for extra...

    Super Supper Hero

    1 review

    Here's a hearty handheld meal you can eat on the go or pack for a picnic. Serve this versatile sandwich...

    Sausage Pepper Calzones

    1 review

    These tasty Italian sandwiches from Marion Lowery of Medford, Oregon are chock-full of savory turkey sausage, sweet peppers and herbs,...

    Goat Cheese Spread in Roasted Pepper Cups

    I had a similar dish in a restaurant in Seattle, and when I returned home I just had to try...

    Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

    13 reviews

    Wow! Meat lovers won’t even miss the meat, instead they will rave about the simply fabulous flavor of this hearty...

    Antipasto Braid

    1 review

    We're fans of Mediterranean food, so this play on antipasto is a favorite in my family. Meat and cheese make...