Recipes with Breads

Our bread recipes are great for any occasion. Whether it’s a sweet comforting breakfast bread or a satisfying sandwich loaf, we’ve got you covered!

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    Air-Fryer Taco Twists

    Why serve tacos only in ordinary flour or corn tortillas? For a mouthwatering change of pace, try these air-fried tacos baked in flaky, golden crescent rolls. My family enjoys them for a warm lunch or light dinner. —Carla Kreider, Quarryville, Pennsylvania

    Air-Fryer Ground Beef Wellington

    2 reviews

    Trying new recipes—like this air-fryer Wellington—is one of my favorite hobbies. I replaced the filet mignon with ground beef, while...

    Taco Skillet Pizza with Cornbread Crust

    Our family loves taco pizza, and I have made so many versions of it. This recipe is like a deep-dish...

    Cheesy Meatball Sliders

    5 reviews

    These meatball sliders are a fun way to serve meatballs at your party without using a slow cooker. Made on...

    Beef Taco Muffins

    Who doesn't love tacos? I decided to re-create the beefy classic as muffins. We love the baked sour cream and...

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    Cheeseburger Omelet Sliders

    A cheeseburger inside an omelet? Yes, please! This fun twist on two breakfast and dinner faves is easy to assemble...

    Air-Fryer Herb and Cheese-Stuffed Burgers

    2 reviews

    Tired of the same old ground beef burgers? These quick air-fryer hamburgers, with their creamy cheese filling, will wake up...

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    Spinach Tomato Burgers

    1 review

    Every Friday night is burger night at our house. The tomatoes add fresh flavor and the cool spinach dip brings...

    Slow-Cooker Italian Sloppy Joes

    6 reviews

    These tasty sloppy joes with plenty of mass appeal are perfect for a gathering. If you're taking them to an...

    Barbecue Sliders

    When company dropped in by surprise, all I had was sausage and ground beef defrosted. We combined the two for...

    Pizza Sloppy Joes

    18 reviews

    If you’re tired of same old boring sloppy joes, here’s a tasty twist! These messy, kid-friendly sandwiches have a definite...

    Cheddar-Bacon Burgers

    4 reviews

    You won’t believe how juicy these burgers are. The secret is the apple cider; it’s just enough to keep everything...

    Papa Burger

    5 reviews

    When whipping up something for Father’s Day or the Fourth of July, I go big and tall with this fully...

    Burgers with Spicy Dill Salsa

    When I make burgers or hot dogs for boating or barbecues, I do a topping that tastes like relish meets...

    Italian Joes on Texas Toast

    11 reviews

    This is ideal for a weeknight on the go. If you double the tomatoes, tomato paste, meat and wine, you'll...

    Sliders with Spicy Berry Sauce

    1 review

    For patriotic food, you can’t beat a burger. My sliders have red tomatoes, white cheddar and blueberry sauce. For extra...

    Toasted Ravioli Burgers

    Take one all-American patty and load it up Missouri-style with toasted ravioli and marinara sauce on top.

    Primanti’s-Style Burgers

    1 review

    Take one all-American patty and load it up Pennsylvania-style with French fries, oil-and-vinegar coleslaw and tomatoes on thick-sliced Italian bread.

    Deli Burgers

    Take one all-American patty and load it up New York-style with horseradish cream sauce, pastrami and mustard on rye bread.

    Poutine Burgers

    Take one all-American patty and load it up New Hampshire-style French Fries, cheese curds and gravy.

    Baked Beans & Onion Burgers

    Take one all-American patty and load it up Massachusetts-style with Boston baked beans and caramelized onions on slices of Boston...

    Yo Potato Burgers

    Take one all-American patty and load it up Idaho-style with Kettle-style potato chips and onion dip.

    Plate Lunch Burgers

    Take one all-American patty and load it up Hawaii-style by topping your burger with macaroni salad.

    Caesar Burgers

    3 reviews

    Take one all-American patty and load it up California-style with romaine lettuce, Caesar salad dressing and Parmesan cheese.

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    Bacon Cheeseburger Roll-Ups

    39 reviews

    “My husband and I both love these roll-ups. I often serve them with broccoli and cheese. They must be good,...

    My Favorite Burger for 2

    1 review

    After eating a burger like this at a diner years ago, I tried to lighten up the sandwich without losing...

    Grilled Pizza Burgers

    16 reviews

    Pizza burgers are usually a kid's favorite, but by adding spices and cheese to the meat and serving them on...

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    Sloppy Joe Calzones

    11 reviews

    It’s a kid-friendly Friday night with these simple calzones. Chop the onion and pepper super-fine for your really picky eaters....

    Buffalo Beef Burgers

    1 review

    Ever-popular Buffalo wings inspired the flavors of this tangy, amped-up burger. The zippy mayonnaise topping gives the sandwiches their kick....

    Swiss Steak Burgers

    3 reviews

    “If you're hungry for steak, but all you have is ground beef, these hearty burgers will hit the spot.” In...