Recipes with Breads

Our bread recipes are great for any occasion. Whether it’s a sweet comforting breakfast bread or a satisfying sandwich loaf, we’ve got you covered!

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Homemade Italian Sausage Sandwiches

1 review

Perfect for the summer grilling season, this flavorful and hearty Italian sausage sandwich will be a picnic favorite for sure! —Mariela Petroski, Helena, Montana

Potluck Sloppy Joes

7 reviews

For a change of pace, Rick suggests swapping out the green pepper in these tasty sloppy joes for an Anaheim,...

Sausage and Pepper Sandwiches

3 reviews

Pick a dark, malty lager for simmering the sausages. Grill ’em, split ’em and load ’em on toasted buns with...

Zesty Gazpacho

When I have a taste for something different, or something with a “zip,” this soup always hits the spot.

Greek Country Salad

1 review

“This salad is a summer favorite with everyone and virtually a meal in itself!” —Christine Chinchilla, Hinckley, Illinois

Pigskin Barbecue

2 reviews

I've taken these saucy sandwiches to potlucks and tailgate parties with our polo club...and served them at our own backyard...

Vegetable Bites

5 reviews

—Corey Henderson, Calgary, Alberta

Sweet Pepper Sandwiches

1 review

We love this recipe because it's easy and vegetarian. Family members assemble their own sandwiches to their liking. -Cara Neth...

Crisp Cornbread Salad

3 reviews

"My family loves this cool crisp medley," reports Martha Spears of Lenoir, North Carolina. "It's a unique treatment for extra...

Fast Fajita Pita

1 review

"These are perfect for busy days," notes Cathy Bell of Joplin, Missouri.

Veggie Cheese Sandwiches

I try to keep the ingredient on hand for these toasted sandwiches. Add whatever vegetables best fit your taste, or...

Sausage Pepper Calzones

1 review

These tasty Italian sandwiches from Marion Lowery of Medford, Oregon are chock-full of savory turkey sausage, sweet peppers and herbs,...

Slow Cooker Shredded Beef

5 reviews

"Our family loves these tasty shredded beef sandwiches with their mild barbecue flavor," writes Fran Frerichs from Gurley, Nebraska. The...

Vegetable Tuna Sandwiches

1 review

I packed lunches for a husband and seven children for years and tried many different recipes to keep things new...

Pronto Pinwheels

Serve this pretty dish with a crisp lettuce salad and top it off with fresh fruit or a lemony dessert,...

Chili in Bread Bowls

9 reviews

Some say you can have your cake and eat it, too...I say eat your chili and the bowl, too! I...

Super Supper Hero

1 review

Here's a hearty handheld meal you can eat on the go or pack for a picnic. Serve this versatile sandwich...

Breadstick Pizza

2 reviews

Not only do refrigerated breadsticks lend a fun twist to pizza, but they make this dish a weeknight staple at...

Slow-Cooker Italian Beef Sandwiches

2 reviews

I have fond memories of my mother in the kitchen preparing her amazing beef dip sandwiches. They always made our...

Grilled Italian Sandwiches

1 review

I made this for a family gathering and everyone raved about it. It's a fun recipe to grill for a...

Chili Cheese Dog Casserole

72 reviews

Kids and dads alike will dive right into this hearty, comforting dish. With a crispy cheese topping on a warm...

Veggie Ham Crescent Wreath

11 reviews

Impress your guests with the look and flavor of this pretty, crescent roll appetizer. The pineapple cream cheese adds a...

Supreme Pizza Burgers

4 reviews

One night I couldn't decide what I wanted more, pizza or hamburgers, so I combined the two. Now my 3...

Mom’s Dynamite Sandwiches

6 reviews

Whenever we had a family get-together and my mom had a lot of people to feed, she'd make her delicious...

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