Recipes with Breads

Our bread recipes are great for any occasion. Whether it’s a sweet comforting breakfast bread or a satisfying sandwich loaf, we’ve got you covered!

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    Bread Pudding Pie

    3 reviews

    This unique dessert is a bread pudding-pie combo. It was created by my paternal grandmother's family. They had a farm and made their own bread, which made this a low-cost dessert. — Kelly Barnes, Lexington, Indiana

    Florentine Ciabatta

    2 reviews

    I came up with this appetizer because of my love for white pizza. I've served my ciabatta pizza at many...

    Air-Fryer Shrimp Po’Boys

    2 reviews

    My husband loves crispy coconut shrimp and po'boys, so I combined them with a spicy remoulade and voila! This air-fryer...

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    Lemon Mango Kanafeh

    1 review

    Several years ago I came upon a little neighborhood restaurant making the most incredible Turkish food I'd ever seen or...

    Cheddar and Chorizo Strata

    Stratas are a wonderful way to use up bits and pieces of leftovers you have on hand. You can make...

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    Cobb Salad Club Sandwich

    3 reviews

    Can't decide whether you want a salad or a sandwich? You'll never have to choose again. With generous ingredients piled...

    Cranberry Chipotle Chicken Enchiladas

    1 review

    Whether canned or homemade, cranberry sauce delivers a healthy dose of vitamins to this dish. A little bit sweet and...

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    Apple Butter Biscuit Breakfast Bake

    4 reviews

    My grandmother created this recipe to use up the leftovers from Christmas Eve dinner. By combining leftover ham and biscuits...

    Cheesy Cajun Cornbread Biscotti

    2 reviews

    This cookie is our best seller at our Christmas cookie bazaar. Everyone requests this tasty biscotti every year. It's simple...

    Green Chile Brunch Bake

    4 reviews

    It's easy to make this ahead in a 13x9 inch pan. It's filling, perfect for a crowd, and helps busy...

    Reuben and Rye Strata

    3 reviews

    This make-ahead dish is so easy to prepare. It's wonderful for brunch, lunch or supper, or as a potluck meal....

    Garlic Bread Pizza Sandwiches

    1 review

    I love inventing new ways to make grilled cheese sandwiches for my kids. This version tastes like pizza. Using frozen...

    Coconut Mango Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce

    1 review

    All of the fun flavors of Puerto Rico come together in a dessert that's both exotic and familiar. Topped with...

    Garlic Knotted Rolls

    3 reviews

    Using frozen yeast dough is an easy way to make homemade rolls. These cute knots add a special touch to...

    Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake

    15 reviews

    Ready in a twinkling, this fresh-from-the-oven treat will be a sensational, no-fuss addition to any weekend or holiday brunch. Guests...

    Blue Cheese Bread Pudding

    1 review

    You can play with the flavor of this recipe by changing the type of blue cheese you use—from sharp Stilton...

    Champion Lamb Burgers

    1 review

    “This recipe is a wonderful alternative to beef burgers.
    The rosemary onions make it especially delicious. It’s so good,...

    Blue Cheese-Onion Steak Bites

    2 reviews

    I love the flavor pairing of blue cheese and steak. Adding garlic and onion make it even better. This is...

    Slow-Cooked Blueberry French Toast

    13 reviews

    Your slow cooker can be your best friend on a busy morning. Just get this recipe going, run some errands...

    BBQ Beef Sandwiches

    26 reviews

    After years of searching, I found a BBQ sandwich recipe that's a hit with all my family and friends. It's...

    Tuscan Steak Flatbreads

    Wrap tender grilled flatbreads around steak and top with cheese and homemade sun-dried tomato pesto for an instant party! People...

    Chicken Pesto Clubs

    4 reviews

    This colorful sandwich is a crisp golden-brown on the outside, with a fresh-tasting, full-flavored filling the whole family will love....

    Olive & Roasted Pepper Bruschetta

    2 reviews

    I've tried many versions of bruschetta but think this recipe contains the perfect blend of ingredients. It's super easy, and...

    Vegetarian Egg Strata

    5 reviews

    “I used to make this with turkey or chicken sausage, but adapted it for a vegetarian friend, and it was...

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    Open-Faced Chicken Avocado Burgers

    16 reviews

    To dress up each chicken avocado burger, spread the Italian bread with creamy mayo and top with thick slices of...

    Grilled Turkey Pitas

    3 reviews

    Move over hamburgers! My Greek-style turkey sandwich filling is hearty enough to make a meal in a pita pocket. The...

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    Orange Dream Pull-Apart Bread

    4 reviews

    My baking therapy is to make treats for friends and co-workers. This pull-apart bread makes everyone smile as they face...

    Sausage & Spinach Crescent Bake

    1 review

    A classic Florentine casserole has spinach and cheese. I make a yummy version with mozzarella, mushrooms and sausage. It’s gone...

    Burgers with Spicy Dill Salsa

    When I make burgers or hot dogs for boating or barbecues, I do a topping that tastes like relish meets...

    Mozzarella Cornbread Pizza

    2 reviews

    My sons like pizza but not takeout pies. I pull out my trusty baking pan to make a cornbread pizza...