Cream Soup Recipes

Fill up with this collection of cream soups, including recipes for potato soup, broccoli soup, cauliflower soup, clam chowder, pea soup, wild rice soup, creamy chicken soup, cream of vegetable soup, cream of turkey soup, Rueben soup and more.

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The Best Ever Tomato Soup

10 reviews

Creamy, rich and bursting with brightness, this tomato soup recipe is the ultimate sidekick to a grilled cheese sandwich. You can't beat this homemade version of the classic. — Josh Rink, Taste of Home Food Stylist

Creamy Vegetable Chowder

15 reviews

This rich, comforting soup recipe can easily be doubled or tripled. You can lower the fat content by using turkey...

Rustic Autumn Soup

10 reviews

This recipe is a great way to use the harvest of fall. The rich, velvety soup makes a special first...

Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

5 reviews

My dear friend Shirley shared this recipe with me several years ago. Every time I think of her, I make...

Spring Pea Soup

9 reviews

Truly a soup for the pea lover, this recipe originated with an idea in an old cookbook about eating better...

Veggie-Sausage Cheese Soup

2 reviews

I took this soup to a potluck at work, where it was well received...and was the only dish prepared by...

Creamy Garlic & Mushroom Soup with Pastry Caps

Surprise Christmas dinner guests with puff pastry "packages" that blanket bowls of Creamy Garlic & Mushroom Soup. Our Test Kitchen...

Creamy Garlic & Mushroom Soup

2 reviews

Cool, crisp winter evenings call for comforting bowls of rich, cream soup. It's a terrific first course at holiday meals.—Mandy...

Pressure-Cooker Potato Soup

7 reviews

I decided to add some character to a basic potato chowder with roasted red peppers. The extra flavor gives a...

Brie and Wild Mushroom Soup

4 reviews

I obtained this recipe at a local home and garden show a few years ago. The rich, comforting soup is...

Creamy French Onion Soup

2 reviews

I enjoy inviting people into my home to sample flavorful foods like this creamy soup. You'll find it's a nice...

Cold Plum Soup

When my husband and I were first married, we dined at an inn that served a flavorful plum soup. After...

Broccoli Barley Soup

1 review

The addition of barley makes this both a flavorful and hearty broccoli soup.

Cheddar Cheese Potato Soup

28 reviews

Here's a recipe I created as an alternative to plain potato soup. Hearty and comforting, it disappears quickly when I...

After-Thanksgiving Turkey Soup

15 reviews

As much as my family loves the holidays, they look forward to this creamy leftover Thanksgiving soup even more. It...

Creamy Leek Soup with Brie

3 reviews

Bits of Brie add something special to this soup from our home economists. Soup is a satisfying addition to a...

Rich Clam Chowder

7 reviews

"I came across a chowder recipe I liked several years ago and have made just enough changes to give it...

Creamy Crab Soup

4 reviews

A friend brought this soup to a potluck and I had to have the recipe. I love how tasty and...

Seafood Soup for a Crowd

Hosting a huge holiday gathering this season? This special soup is great any time of year, but it's always a...

Creamy Carrot Parsnip Soup

2 reviews

Our farm family would eat soup every day as long as it didn't come from a can! This smooth creamy...

Beefy Wild Rice Soup

11 reviews

Living in central Wisconsin, we experience many days of snow and cold temperatures. I like to prepare soup often, especially...

Williamsburg Inn Turkey Soup

3 reviews

This recipe is simple to prepare, and it makes a lot of delicious soup! Our children are on their own...

Flavorful Cream of Carrot Soup

1 review

"Packed with vitamin-rich ingredients, this soup is both beautiful and delicious," assures LaVonne Hegland of St. Michael, Minnesota.

Cheeseburger Soup with Rice

16 reviews

I don't have a lot of extra time to spend in the kitchen. That's why I appreciate this robust soup....

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Spinach Cheese Soup

2 reviews

A friend brought a pot of this steaming soup to our home after our first child was born. Three kids...

Broccoli-Cauliflower Cheese Soup

5 reviews

Even people who aren't particularly fond of broccoli and cauliflower can't resist this tempting soup. On busy days, you'll appreciate...

Dilly Cheese Soup

My grandkids will tell you they can't stop with just one bowl of this simple satisfying soup. Even the youngest...

Garden Chowder

2 reviews

My family loves to eat, so I'm encouraged to spend lots of time in the kitchen! Featuring garden-fresh produce, this...

Easy Corn Chowder

When I was growing up, my grandfather would often serve steaming bowls of corn chowder. I tried to capture that...

Zippy Potato Soup

3 reviews

This savory soup has a lot of substance, especially for the men in the family. We enjoy brimming bowls all...