Onion Dip Recipes

Onion dip is a must-have at any get-together. We have classic French onion dips and simple 3 ingredient onion dip recipes. Plus, green and caramelized onion dips to switch things up!

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    Apple Guacamole with White Onion

    There’s nothing wrong with keeping your guac on the simple side. Topping your bowl with chunks of fresh apple and white onion give the dip a nontraditional flavor, but a familiar texture. Depending on the variety of fruit you use, your apple guacamole can taste fruity, sweet, tart or crisp.—Taste of Home Test Kitchen

    Warm Onion Garlic Dip

    Try this warm creamy dip that can be served with veggies or crackers. It’s a delicious snack any time of...