Mustard Recipes

These mustard recipes are the perfect accompaniment to brats, pretzels and sandwiches. Check out our collection of honey mustard, Dijon, yellow mustard and more.

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How to Make Dijon Mustard

Learn how to make a Dijon mustard recipe at home—it's easy! This tangy and slightly spicy condiment is a game-changer for sandwiches, prepared salads, dressings and more.

Quick & Easy Honey Mustard

This fast, easy mustard with rice vinegar and honey has more flavor than any other honey mustard dressing I've ever...

Spicy Mustard

When I make this mustard, I add fresh horseradish from our garden and vinegar seasoned with homegrown tarragon. —Joyce Lonsdale,...

Double Hot Horseradish Mustard

My family enjoys spicy food so this recipe is wonderful for us. We add it to sandwiches.—Madeline Cole, Willow, Alaska