Banana Cake Recipes

Looking for a moist and spongy banana cake recipe? Or how about an easy banana icebox cake that’s stacked sky-high? We’ve got you covered with all of the best recipes and cooking tips from home cooks like you.

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Banana Pecan Cake with Coconut Frosting

One of my brothers always requested this banana cake for his birthday. When my mom entered the cake recipe to a county fair contest, she won the blue ribbon!—Edna Hoffman, Hebron, Indiana

Banana Nut Fruitcake

Combining two popular baked goods - banana bread and fruitcake - yielded this treat. Even people who don't care for...

Nutty Banana Cake

Sweet, buttery frosting and a sprinkling of chopped nuts top this yummy cake that's loaded with banana and pecan flavor....

Banana Coconut Cake

Meet the Cook: In our family, a meal isn't considered complete without a dessert - or, sometimes, two! This cake...

Banana Pecan Cake

This banana cake, topped with pecans and coconut, combines just the right amount of fruit and crunch.

Banana Pecan Torte

The state tree of Texas is the pecan tree, so this recipe definitely represents my area. A friend shared the...