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Whether you like quick breads or yeast bread recipes, our Test Kitchen has hundreds of recipes for you to explore.

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Ham and Broccoli Cornbread

2 reviews

Leftovers haunt me. Often nobody wants to eat them, and I hate to see them go to waste. A cornbread casserole is an excellent way to leverage many combinations of leftover meat and veggies into exciting new meals that everyone will love. —Fay Moreland, Wichita Falls, Texas

Ham and Swiss Biscuits

2 reviews

"These can be made ahead and frozen. To heat them up, place on an ungreased baking sheet in a 375°...

After-Holiday Ham on Biscuits

8 reviews

Billie George of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan puts leftover ham and hard-cooked eggs to good use by making tasty After-Holiday Ham on...

Cheddar Ham Cups

13 reviews

When a college classmate and I threw a party for our professor, a friend contributed these savory appetizers. Everyone in...

Country Ham Bread

I often serve wedges of this hearty bread warm from the oven with my zesty herb butter and a simple...

Buttermilk Ham and Cheese Muffins

5 reviews

While living in Oregon, I frequented a local restaurant that served these muffins. They wouldn't share the recipe, so I...

Ham ‘n’ Cheese Wedges

1 review

Baking mix is a shortcut in this savory round loaf from Marietta Slater of Augusta, Kansas. "We enjoy it for...