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Vegan Pumpkin Bread

1 review

This easy vegan pumpkin bread recipe was given to me by my stepmom shortly after she and my dad got married 40 years ago. It's perfect for potlucks since it makes two loaves and is dairy- and egg-free. Everyone who tries it loves it! —Susan Johnson, Payne, Ohio

Dutch-Oven Raisin Walnut Bread

1 review

On a cold day there is nothing better than a warm, crusty Dutch oven raisin bread filled with walnuts. —Catherine...

Dutch-Oven Bread

11 reviews

Crackling homemade Dutch-oven bread makes an average day extraordinary. Enjoy this beautiful crusty bread recipe as is, or stir in...

The Best Pizza Dough

25 reviews

This easy pizza dough recipe is the key to making an extraordinary homemade pizza. We use all-purpose flour because double...


Socca is a traditional flatbread from Nice, France. It's a common street food, cooked on a grill and served in...

The Best Vegan Bread You Can Buy at the Grocery Store

Finding a good loaf of vegan bread is easier than ever. Here's what to look for in the bread aisle.

Rustic Country Bread

1 review

My husband had a favorite sandwich shop that closed and the bread for the sandwiches was a sourdough type with...

Orange-Cumin Focaccia

My family created this southwest inspired bread to go with a themed dinner. The savory focaccia is so versatile—it goes...

Favorite Swedish Rye

1 review

My family likes a variety of breads. I made up this recipe as an experiment years ago, and it’s still...

Caraway Bread

A rustic round loaf of caraway bread is delicious eaten warm from the oven, as a base for sandwiches, alongside...

Blue-Ribbon Rye Bread

10 reviews

My kids once had a little bread business, selling homemade loaves to neighbors and other people in the community, including...

Perfect Pizza Crust

21 reviews

I have spent years trying different recipes and techniques, looking for the perfect pizza crust recipe—and this is it! I'm...

Rosemary Walnut Bread

I received this recipe from a friend who was moving into a new apartment. To celebrate, she made this bread...

No-Knead Ciabatta

Ciabatta means slipper in Italian and the loaf resembles a well-worn slipper. This artisan bread has a firm, crispy crust...

One-Dish No-Knead Bread

37 reviews

Here's a very easy way to have homemade bread for dinner tonight. Don't worry if you're new to baking. Anyone...

Herbed Flatbread

3 reviews

Instead of serve the traditional dinner roll, try this delicious flat bread. It is very easy to make and is...

Olive Bread

With just 5 ingredients you can bake up this tender loaf with a colorful swirl of olives. This is a...

Stollen for a Crowd

1 review

If you’re expecting the whole gang, consider serving this versatile stollen. You can bake it ahead of time and pop...

Savory Bread

This savory bread is crisp and golden brown on the outside but moist and tender on the inside. The dill...

Plantain Fritters

2 reviews

These golden brown plantain fritters are a favorite in West Africa, where my aunt served as a missionary for 45...

Honey Wheat Loaves

14 reviews

Great to give as a gift or accompany your Sunday dinner. This bread is tender and chewy with a hint...

Herbed Onion Focaccia

1 review

This recipe makes three savory flat breads, but don't be surprised to see them all disappear from your dinner table!

Homemade Rye Rolls

1 review

These mild-flavored rolls appeal to folks of every age and pair well with a variety of menus. I sometimes shape...

Spiced Cranberry Wheat Bread

3 reviews

“Here’s a healthy, hearty bread that‘s perfect for toasting or just snacking,“ shares Trisha Kruse in Eagle, Idaho. “The spices...

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Savory Focaccia

Instead of offering store-bought rolls at a holiday dinner, our home economists suggest serving this tasty herbed focaccia bread.

Honey-Wheat Oatmeal Bread

9 reviews

This wholesome bread from Wannetta Ehnes of Eagle Bend, Minnesota is delicious warm out of the bread machine. Serve it...

Bow Tie Wheat Rolls

1 review

These are such cute rolls and will impress your guests at your next dinner party. They have a wonderful whole...

Honey Oat Bread

5 reviews

"Of all the breads I make, this is my husband's favorite," writes Marilyn Smith from Green Bay, Wisconsin. The subtle...

Ale Bread

10 reviews

For a tender white loaf that's a bit moister and denser than other breads, try this simple recipe shared by...

Moist Wild Rice Bread

Cooked wild rice and molasses steal the show in this old-fashioned loaf from Diane Nord. "My family really enjoys this...