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    Air-Fryer Carrot Coffee Cake

    1 review

    One of the greatest things about the air fryer is it's conducive to making small, quick treats—like this air-fryer carrot cake. The little cake bakes in about 30 minutes and is perfect for enjoying with your morning coffee. —Leigh Rys, Herndon, Virginia

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    How to Make Monkey Bread from Scratch

    Skip the canned biscuits and learn how to make monkey bread from scratch. We'll walk you through the process of...

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    Blueberries and Cream Coffee Cake

    30 reviews

    This blueberry coffee cake is my go-to recipe for all of our holiday get-togethers because it's perfect for breakfast or...

    Gluten-Free Banana Coffee Cake

    4 reviews

    I created this gluten-free coffee cake for people on special diets. Those who are lactose intolerant, allergic to eggs or...

    Caramel-Scotch Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

    3 reviews

    I came up with this cream cheese coffee cake recipe so I could make a delicious brunch treat using convenience...

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    Cast-Iron Apple Nutmeg Coffee Cake

    1 review

    I'm not a great baker, but I do love coffee. In an effort to practice my baking, I use up...

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    Here’s the Only Coffee Cake Recipe You’ll Ever Need

    One irresistible coffee cake with big bursts of raspberry flavor, coming right up!

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    Our Best Coffee Cake Recipes Ever

    Whether you like yours studded with berries, drizzled with glaze, topped with a crunchy streusel or soaked in caramel sauce,...

    Sticky Cinnamon-Sugar Monkey Bread

    10 reviews

    You can do all the prep work for this monkey bread the night before. I prepare the dough pieces and...

    Pear and Apple Coffee Cake

    2 reviews

    The mix of apples, pears and sour cream in this tender coffee cake gives it an incredibly moist and appealing...

    Cranberry-Orange Nut Coffee Cake

    1 review

    Guests are delighted with this pastry's tangy cranberry sauce, crunchy pecans and sweet glaze. It's fantastic for brunch or simply...

    Overnight Berry-Crunch Coffee Cake

    I had some extra blueberries and raspberries after a company dinner, and I was looking for a recipe to use...

    Sausage-Apple Breakfast Bread

    1 review

    To make breakfast a little more satisfying, I added sausage to a sweet quick bread. Serve this bread warm, nestled...

    Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish

    I love cream cheese and blueberries so I tweaked one of my grandmother's recipes to come up with this danish....

    Almond Danish Coffee Cakes

    Rich almond paste is enveloped within each of these tender, flaky pastries, making them the perfect choice for a festive...

    Lemon Swirl Coffee Cake

    My husband and I enjoy visiting homebound persons and always take them goodies, including this coffee cake. It isn’t overly...

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    Poteca Cake

    11 reviews

    “Rock Springs is home to 56 nationalities, and this recipe showcases its Slavic heritage. It’s one of my favorite ethnic...

    Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake

    15 reviews

    Ready in a twinkling, this fresh-from-the-oven treat will be a sensational, no-fuss addition to any weekend or holiday brunch. Guests...

    Penny’s Apple Brown Sugar Coffee Cake

    11 reviews

    Not all apple cakes are the same. This one is the perfect mix of sweet apple and spiced chocolate crumb....

    Apple-Cheese Coffee Cake

    This deliciously different dessert comes courtesy of Athena Russell from Florence, South Carolina. A rugged-looking cake, it's great for brunch!

    Pineapple Coffee Cake

    Moist and fruity, this coffee cake combines pineapple bits with coconut and a hint of honey. It's a wonderful choice...

    Rhubarb Coffee Cake with Caramel Sauce

    13 reviews

    Growing up, this recipe was a favorite of mine. I couldn't wait for the rhubarb to ripen so Mom could...

    Makeover Apple Coffee Cake

    11 reviews

    This sugary-topped apple coffee cake is a delicious way to get your family out of bed in the morning. Our...

    Cherry-Cheese Tea Ring

    Cherries and almonds make the perfect pair in this delightful tea ring. It’s great for breakfast or brunch, and the...

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    Strawberry Poppy Seed Cake

    5 reviews

    The only way to make this tasty cake better is to pair it with a creamy scoop of vanilla ice...

    Raspberry-Almond Coffee Cake

    1 review

    This fruity raspberry almond coffee cake is an awesome brunch treat. If you can’t find raspberries, try blueberries or strawberries....

    Almond-Cheese Coffee Cake

    11 reviews

    Holiday guests will love the texture of this coffee cake featuring a Mascarpone cheese layer. With a sweet glaze and...

    Rhubarb and Strawberry Coffee Cake

    2 reviews

    Vanilla cake with cream cheese filling and strawberry rhubarb sauce makes a grand finale for a Mother’s Day brunch. That’s...

    Orange-Cranberry Coffee Cakes

    1 review

    Baking is my favorite thing to do. So during the holiday season, I can often be found in my kitchen...

    Cranberry & Walnut Swirl Coffee Cake

    —Lydia Mathias, Kingston, Massachusetts