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Whether you like quick breads or yeast bread recipes, our Test Kitchen has hundreds of recipes for you to explore.

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    Grandma’s Onion Squares

    11 reviews

    My grandma brought this recipe with her when she emigrated from Italy as a young wife and mother. It is still a family favorite. —Janet Eddy, Stockton, California

    Vanilla-Glazed Ginger Scones

    1 review

    Gingerbread is a flavor that works with all sorts of delicious holiday baked goods. To glaze these ginger scones, just...

    Chai-Spiced Star Bread

    1 review

    My chai star bread is great for potlucks or parties because it's easy to share and looks beautiful. Prepare it...

    Garlic Rosemary Pull-Apart Bread

    6 reviews

    This recipe is a different type of pull-apart bread. Eat it by itself, dipped in marinara, or as part of...

    Lemon Popovers with Pecan Honey Butter

    2 reviews

    My mom passed this recipe down to me many years ago. We love the delicate lemon flavor with the pecan...

    Gouda and Roasted Potato Bread

    2 reviews

    Our family tried roasted potato bread at a bakery on a road trip, and I came up with my own...

    Oma’s Marzipan Stollen

    3 reviews

    My German grandma made this stollen for us when we were young. I love its homey taste and how it...

    Caramel-Scotch Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

    3 reviews

    I came up with this cream cheese coffee cake recipe so I could make a delicious brunch treat using convenience...

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    30 Winning Recipes from the County Fair

    County fair judges are the local experts when it comes to home-baked goodies. You can count on their good taste...

    Double Cranberry Banana Bread

    3 reviews

    We love quick breads, and I've found that they freeze nicely if properly wrapped. This is a scrumptious recipe to...

    Sticky Cinnamon-Sugar Monkey Bread

    10 reviews

    You can do all the prep work for this monkey bread the night before. I prepare the dough pieces and...

    Stollen Butter Rolls

    5 reviews

    Our family enjoys my stollen so much they say it's just too good to be served only as a holiday...

    Most Popular Irish Soda Bread

    5 reviews

    “My husband’s family is Irish. Wanting to impress my future mother-in-law, I baked this bread and took it along with...

    Gingerbread Scones with Lemon Butter

    1 review

    Busy morning? Fill your kitchen with the warm aroma of these tender gingerbread scones. Then slather on some lip-smacking lemon...

    Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake

    15 reviews

    Ready in a twinkling, this fresh-from-the-oven treat will be a sensational, no-fuss addition to any weekend or holiday brunch. Guests...

    Cheddar Cheese Batter Bread

    3 reviews

    As a dairy farmer, I like to promote our products. This cheesy, golden loaf—a proven winner at our state fair—tastes...

    Savory Cocktail Scones

    1 review

    Scones are comfort food to me, so I decided to make these savory scones with roasted garlic butter. The addition...

    Petite Sticky Buns

    4 reviews

    Start your morning on a sweet note with these tender, maple sticky buns. They are fantastically light and airy. But...

    Peanut Banana Bread

    23 reviews

    "My family literally comes running when they smell this bread baking." Between the thick chocolate layer and the crumbly topping,...

    Spice Bread with Maple Butter

    4 reviews

    Whole wheat and tastes great! Sit back and enjoy the compliments with this flavorful bread.
    Katherine Nelson

    Contest-Winning Peppery Cheese Bread

    17 reviews

    This is my daughter Kendra's favorite savory quick bread. When the warm, moist bread hits your palate, it's just heavenly!...

    Blue Cheese & Shallot Bread

    8 reviews

    You'll definitely want to cut yourself a thick slice of this savory, cheesy bread. The robust flavors will have everyone...

    Savory Dill and Caraway Scones

    4 reviews

    These tender, tasty scones will melt in your mouth. The unique flavors of dill and caraway ensure that you won't...

    Authentic Boston Brown Bread

    15 reviews

    The rustic, old-fashioned flavor of this hearty Boston brown bread is out of this world! —Sharon Delaney-Chronis, South Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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    Corn Bread with a Kick

    3 reviews

    Nothing says southern cooking like crisp corn bread made in a cast iron skillet. I use a very old skillet...

    Rhubarb Coffee Cake with Caramel Sauce

    13 reviews

    Growing up, this recipe was a favorite of mine. I couldn't wait for the rhubarb to ripen so Mom could...

    Orange Nut Bread & Cream Cheese Spread

    16 reviews

    "This bright sweet bread was my mother's favorite, especially paired with coffee or tea."
    Karen Sue Garback-Pristera

    Double-Chip Pumpkin Cinnamon Muffins

    9 reviews

    I lightened up a recipe I found and this is the result. It's a moist, delicious muffin that tastes just...

    Ginger Currant Scones

    Sheila Parker of Reno, Nevada adds loads of currants to her flaky, attractive scones. Served warm with a drizzle of...

    Tomato & Olive Bread

    Ann Yarber of Goldsby, Oklahoma writes, "i like to serve this savory yeast bread with spaghetti and meatballs or a...