Bread, Roll & Pastry Recipes

Learning how to make bread and pastries from scratch is so satisfying for any home baker. We’ve got the tips and recipes you need.

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How to Make the Best Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

The ultimate Sunday morning treat, homemade cinnamon rolls are sweet, buttery, gooey and glazed. Learn how to make this decadent treat with the our Test Kitchen’s foolproof cinnamon roll recipe.

How to Make Healthy, Kid-Friendly Muffins with Your Family

Looking to sneak something healthy onto your kid's plate while having fun in the kitchen at the same time? Make...

How to Make Liberty Bread

This recipe for Liberty Bread hails from 1918, when rationing flour was seen as a way to support the troops...

What is Challah Bread?

It's gorgeous, golden and perfect weekend baking project. But what is challah bread, and what makes it so special?

Emergency Biscuits: The Quick Dough Your Great-Grandma Used to Make

This recipe for emergency biscuits will save the day.

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This Versatile Bread Dough Is the Secret to Making So Many Recipes

Learn just one basic bread recipe and make dozens of delicious bakes. We'll show you how to make the base...

I Tried Dill Pickle Bread—and Here’s What I Thought

This dill pickle bread has a hint of crisp pickle flavor in every bite.

Meet the Bialy: The Nearly Forgotten Cousin of the Bagel

Never heard of a bialy? Get ready to meet the bagel's (more) delicious competitor. Here's our favorite bialy recipe.

How to Make Bread Without Yeast (Yes, Really!)

Learn how to make bread without yeast. That's right: no long proof times, no kneading. We'll teach you how to...

The Simple Biscuit Recipe That Will Save Any Dinner

This simple biscuit recipe requires just five ingredients.

How to Make French Bread at Home

Once you make this easy recipe, you'll never go back to store-bought loaves. Here are our best tips on how...

These Mini Cinnamon Rolls Have a Perfect 5-Star Rating

Be prepared to fight over who gets the last one...

How to Make Beignets Just Like They Do in New Orleans

The Big Easy is known for its fresh, doughy beignets. Here's our recipe for making these iconic doughnuts at home....

Can You Freeze Muffins? Yes—Here’s How

Can you freeze muffins? How long will they keep? We answer these questions and more in our simple guide.

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How to Make Monkey Bread from Scratch

Skip the canned biscuits and learn how to make monkey bread from scratch. We'll walk you through the process of...

How to Make Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls in Your Own Kitchen

Follow our Cinnabon cinnamon roll recipe for a sweet copycat. You can smell the unmistakable aroma already!

How to Make Apple Cider Doughnuts

No need to visit the farmers market! We'll teach you how to make apple cider donuts at home.

How to Make Doughnuts for a Sweet Treat Anytime

Rise and shine—it's time to make the doughnuts. Be the champ of your office, a brunch or your typical Saturday...

10 Great Glazes for Your Homemade Doughnuts

Classic glazed doughnuts get their sweet shine after being brushed with a combination of confectioners' sugar and milk. Want to...

The Secret to Making Amish Doughnuts at Home

Got that craving for light and airy doughnuts? We can't blame you. Try making these Amish glazed doughnuts at home.

How to Make the Best Glaze for Doughnuts

Learn how to make doughnut glaze at home for a sweet breakfast treat any day of the week.

How to Make Polish Easter Bread—Paska

This year, celebrate Easter with paska as your centerpiece. We'll show you how to make Polish Easter bread and get...

How to Make Strawberry Banana Bread

The beautiful fruit adds rosy color, extra tenderness and a whole lot of spring sweetness to this strawberry banana bread.

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How to Make Chocolate Babka

We love this sweet, twisted bread filled with chocolate and cinnamon. We'll show you how to make babka from scratch...

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I Made Yeast Rolls in Less Than an Hour. Here’s How.

Think you need lots of time and elbow grease to make yeast bread? I discovered a no-knead recipe that's fast,...

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How to Make Scones Just As Good As Any Bakery

Skip the cafe or bakery and learn how to make scones in your own kitchen. The technique is simple and...

We Tried Joanna Gaines’ 3-Minute Bread Recipe and It’ll Change How You Bake

We finally found something BETTER than sliced-bread: a sweet bread breadmaker recipe that takes minutes, no elbow grease, and can...

How to Make Salt-Rising Pioneer Bread

Take yourself back in time with this irresistible salt-rising bread recipe.

How to Make Bread Machine Recipes by Hand 

Making yeast bread without a bread machine couldn't be easier! Here's how.

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How to Make Twisted Star Bread

You want your dessert to light up the table, but you also don't want to face an 18-step recipe that...