Bread, Roll & Pastry Recipes

Learning how to make bread and pastries from scratch is so satisfying for any home baker. We’ve got the tips and recipes you need.

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Ham and Broccoli Cornbread

2 reviews

Leftovers haunt me. Often nobody wants to eat them, and I hate to see them go to waste. A cornbread casserole is an excellent way to leverage many combinations of leftover meat and veggies into exciting new meals that everyone will love. —Fay Moreland, Wichita Falls, Texas

Broccoli Fritters

12 reviews

These cute cakes offer a fun and kid-friendly way to use up broccoli. They're tasty as a side dish paired...

Sausage ‘n’ Broccoli Corn Muffins

Serve these along with a bowl of chili, and you have a hit for a cold weather day.—Verlene Hendricks, Roswell,...

Turkey and Broccoli Pastry Braid

2 reviews

This meal in one is an easy way to get kids—and adults—to eat broccoli. The puff pastry that wraps up...

Sausage Broccoli Calzone

7 reviews

You know how people drop in unannounced and often a little famished? To remain calm in your own kitchen, reach...

Cornbread with Broccoli and Cheese

5 reviews

Holly Cummings of Baytown, Texas writes, “I first made this recipe and took it to a church fellowship. One couple...

Sausage Broccoli Bread

2 reviews

"My husband is in the Air Force, so we move often," relates Kelly Praska of Bellevue, Nebraska. "This lifestyle lets...

Broccoli Ham Turnovers

1 review

"I enjoy creating special dishes for my family and friends," writes Lupie Molinar from Tucson, Arizona. "Although I don't make...

Broccoli Corn Muffins

2 reviews

In Cabazon, California, Dona Hamilton dresses up convenient corn bread mix with broccoli and cheese to make these savory muffins....

Broccoli Beef Braids

16 reviews

Each slice of this fast-to-fix, golden bread is like a hot sandwich packed with beef, broccoli and mozzarella. —Penny Lapp,...

Chopped Broccoli Cornbread

2 reviews

This moist bread with a sweet corn flavor can be served as a side dish with any meaty entree. The...

Broccoli Quiche Muffins

"I like to keep a batch of these quiche like muffins in the freezer—it's handy to warm them in the...

Broccoli-Cheese Cornbread

2 reviews

This moist corn bread, which relies on convenient muffin mix and frozen broccoli, is a breeze to whip up anytime....

Broccoli Muffins

2 reviews

Because my family loves muffins, I'm always on the lookout for new variations. When I tried these nutritional muffins the...

Vegetable & Cheese Focaccia

4 reviews

My family eats this flavorful bread as fast as I can make it. Sometimes I add different herbs, red onion...

Broccoli Cornbread

1 review

I finally discovered a way to get my family to eat more broccoli by tucking it into corn bread. This...