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The Secret (Super-Easy) Way to Make Eclairs at Home

What do you get when you cross an eclair and a cake? Watch and find out!

Pistachio Eclair Dessert

13 reviews

This yummy dessert, sent in by Lisa Givens of Austin, Texas, whips up minutes and can be chilled until ready...

Chocolate Eclair Torte

3 reviews

I take this impressive dessert to the table whole, then slice it and serve. It can be made ahead of...

Chocolate Eclair Graham Dessert

7 reviews

Patricia Pruett of Pueblo West, Colorado shares this smaller and easier version of the sweet classic. The vanilla filling sets...

Banana Cream Eclairs

1 review

To surprise my banana-loving family, I made this dessert for a reunion, where it stood out among the usual fare....

Chocolate-Frosted Eclairs

For an old-fashioned treat that two can even prepare together, try these pretty eclairs, created by our Test Kitchen. The...

Strawberry-Topped Eclair Heart

This original creation looks like it came straight from a gourmet bakery. It's impressive to serve and flavorful as well.

Heart’s Delight Eclair

5 reviews

This lovely and luscious treat is rumored to have been the favorite dessert of European royalty long ago. I know...

Chocolate Eclair Dessert

3 reviews

"My father, who's diabetic, loves chocolate and baked goods," explains Owen Jack Hiatt of Colorado Springs, Colorado. "Our whole family...

Sugar-free Chocolate Eclairs

9 reviews

Family and friends are in for a treat when you serve them these luscious eclairs. No one can even tell...

Chocolate Mint Eclair Dessert

4 reviews

My college roommate gave me this recipe, which I lightened up a little. You can try other pudding flavors, but...

Eclair Torte

14 reviews

The pastry part of this torte bakes into one big crust, which eliminate filling individual eclairs. The homemade pudding is...

Traditional Eclairs

1 review

Over the years, family, friends, co-worker and students have enjoyed this tried-and-true desert. For birthdays, our sons prefer it over...

Strawberry Bliss

8 reviews

You'll love this homemade puff pastry crust topped with a soft-set pudding layer that has a hint of strawberry flavor....

Chocolate Lover’s Eclairs

6 reviews

I recently won the grand prize with this eclair recipe at a "Chocolate Lovers Cook-Off" contest in our town. This...

Eclairs on the Grill

3 reviews

My best camping treat is an easy eclair on a stick. This is the one that makes people watch what...

Chocolate Eclair Delight

8 reviews

It's amazing how the layers of this eclair torte soften overnight into a cake-like texture. Just before serving dessert, I...

Eggnog Eclairs

1 review

My mother’s golden eclairs have a rich, creamy custard filling. If you prefer, replace the simple glaze on top with...

Chocolate Eclairs

12 reviews

With creamy filling and fudgy frosting, this chocolate eclair recipe is extra special. —Jessica Campbell, Viola, Wisconsin

Eclair Dessert

2 reviews

I cook for a youth camp, where I face 140 hungry kids three times a day for two weeks. It's...

Hazelnut Mocha Eclairs

7 reviews

Once you try these, especially the filling, you'll be in heaven. They make a special ending to a meal, and...