Beer Recipes

You’d be surprised how many beer recipes you can whip up. Try all of our boozy, delicious recipes, like beer cheese dip and savory beer can chicken.

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    The Best Oktoberfest Beer Options to Serve at Your Backyard Fest

    You don't need to travel to Munich to get a taste of the best Oktoberfest beer brands. Here are our top picks for serving up right at home.

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    15 Gifts for Beer Lovers

    Pair our gifts for beer lovers with a six-pack or two.

    Skinny Huckleberry Cocktail

    I re-created a skinny huckleberry cocktail I had during a vacation in Idaho and Wyoming. The flavor of vodka and...

    Brewed Mary

    A Bloody Mary with beer is one of the best drinks I've ever had. It's now my go-to drink whenever...

    9 Products for Anyone Who Loves Guinness

    My goodness—we want them all!

    Guinness Float

    That very first sip of a Guinness is what inspired this quick and easy dessert. The rich, creamy foam that...