Our Italian recipes will make you say “buon appetito.” Check out our classic Italian recipes and our quick and easy recipes, too!

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Italian Chicken Pockets

"My sister-in-law prepared these hearty sandwiches that are filled with chicken, mushrooms and pepperoni," writes Tricia Buss of Telford, Pennsylvania. "My husband loved them so much, he insisted I ask for the recipe."

Grilled Flatbread Veggie Pizza

1 review

We pile veggies onto flatbread for a fun way to eat healthier. Our go-to recipe for weeknights easily changes with...

Chicken Salad Pizzas

Sometimes it just takes a little creative spin to get the kids to gobble up an otherwise grown-up dish. Add...

Grilled Sausage-Basil Pizzas

10 reviews

These easy little pizzas are a wonderful change of pace from the classic cookout menu. Let everybody go crazy with...

Mushroom & Swiss Pita Pizzas

1 review

Sweet Italian sausage and pitas make mini pizzas that go together fast for an easy-and tasty-weeknight meal. Kids always have...

Italian Pesto Pizzas

2 reviews

These individual pizzas, ready in 30 minutes or less, give you good reason not to call out for dinner. The...